Your Business Can Benefit from a Temporary Van Rental


Your Business Can Benefit from a Temporary Van Rental

At Elite Truck Rental, our experts consistently work with businesses in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region. We have had many conversations with owners and team members and understand how our service offerings can really help ease the burden when it comes to transportation and logistics. Entrepreneurs, especially small business owners, often do not want to invest in vehicles that they may only use every so often. That is the top reason that we are a key component of numerous leaders’ transportation strategies.

We can provide a range of vehicles, including a van rental, that is flexible depending on your timeframe and rental needs. Our Econoline Vans have a 1,000 pound load capacity to assist with whatever your team needs to move around town.

Elite is Your Partner in Logistics

Successful entrepreneurs understand that they need to rely on outside partner businesses or resources to help them remain at the top. By strengthening connections with their lawyer, accountant and banker, entrepreneurial leaders are able to best move their businesses forward by allowing the experts to help guide them down the right path.

For businesses in a range of industries, we are happy to be a consistent or sometimes partner in transportation. Because you can rely on our crew for help determining the best vehicle fit, you know that you will have the best tool for the job. Our fleet is your fleet whenever you need it! We maintain our trucks and vans, so that they can be relied upon for whatever project you may have going.

Flexibility and Support When You Need it

Let’s say you need a van for a day this week and a large truck for a week next month. That works for us! Our flexible scheduling is a huge benefit for business owners who may have shifting needs month to month. We can discuss and help you determine exactly what will work best and what timeline is needed for your particular project. Our team is here to support you every step of the way throughout current and future projects.

Your reserved vehicle will be waiting for you ready to go and cleaned and sanitized. Our reservation guarantee is part of our desire to be top-notch in customer service year after year. We have supplies on-hand as well for any of your moving projects, such as boxes, tape or dollies.

Connect With Our Team Today to Rent a Cargo Van

The Elite team continues to serve our community and region businesses with more than just van rentals. We rent trucks of varying sizes as well with varying capacities and ramps and lift gates to ease the load on your crew. Our vehicles are reliable as we maintain them regularly as well as sanitize them after each customer. We have a fleet of more than 150 vans and trucks.  Connect with us online.

August 04, 2021
Elite Truck Rental

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