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  • 5 Items You Need for Your Big Move

    When moving day comes around, there’s plenty of stress that comes with it. After all, you’re uprooting your life and moving it somewhere else, and that huge transition alone can cause some anxiety. All that said a move is also…

  • Picking the Right Truck for Your Job

    At Elite Truck Rental, we’ve seen our trucks and vans used for all sorts of different jobs. From hauling heavy equipment to decorations for a birthday party, there are tons of different reasons you might need a rental vehicle, and…

  • Things to Do with Your Rental Truck or Van Before Summer’s Over

    As summer comes to a close and the cooler weather starts to creep in, now’s the time to kick off the end of the heat and celebrate fall. But before you complete bid adieu to the summer season, why not…

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