Why You Should Never Use Company Vehicles for Office Relocation

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man with boxYour business is moving to a new, larger, and more convenient location, and you are excited at the prospect of starting fresh with your company and improving business with a better location. But you also have to make a decision: Should you use your own company trucks to move your business’s inventory and appliances or rent vehicles from a professional moving company?

There are many reasons why you should rent moving vehicles for your business relocation over your own company trucks. Read on to learn more.

3 Tips for Making an Eco-Friendly Move

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If you enjoy living an environmentally friendly lifestyle, then you and your family likely take steps every day to limit the toll your daily habits take on the environment. However, since you don’t move every day (the average American moves about once every five years) you may not have learned how to limit the impact on the environment that the moving process can take.

Read on to learn three tips for limiting the impact your move has on the environment.

  1. Don’t Rent a Truck That is Larger Than You Need

You may be tempted to rent a moving truck that is much larger than you need to ensure you have a lot of spare room in the truck instead of carefully calculating the truck size you need. However, realize that the larger the rental truck you use to transport your belongings, the more gasoline you will automatically burn while driving the truck — smaller trucks tend to have higher MPG ratings than larger ones.

Instead, use an online moving truck calculator that helps you determine the truck size you need based on the number of specific belongings you will be moving. You can then be sure you are renting a truck that is just the size you need and not burning more gasoline than necessary.

6 Reasons to Rent a Commercial Truck for Your Business

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Businesses that rely on trucks for their daily operations may either purchase or rent the trucks they use. While purchasing trucks makes sense in many situations, renting might be the wiser choice in a lot of scenarios. If you run a business that needs one or more trucks, here’s a list of six reasons why you might want to rent those trucks.

5 Things You Should Never Pack Into a Rental Vehicle

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From moving everything you own cross-country to relocating a growing home office to its own building, there are dozens of situations that leave you responsible for packing a rented vehicle. But whether you’re moving or just taking a trip, there are some items you should never pack into a rented vehicle.

Shipping restrictions, laws on interstate travel, rental company preferences, and more all make these five items important to leave behind or to ship through an alternate method.

Winter Moving: What You Need To Know

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Winter is quickly approaching. For the majority of the states here in the U.S., this means that there will be freezing temperatures and lots of snow. Right here in Illinois, you are looking at an average snowfall of almost 22 inches.

As a general rule, even though it is a busier time of year, most people in Chicago will likely try to move during the summertime when they don’t have to deal with the cold temperatures, snow, and unpredictable forecast. However, there are times when you simply can’t avoid a move during the winter season. When this is the case, how do you plan a winter move?

It will most definitely be an adventure – one that you may never want to undertake again, but here are a few tips that will help you ensure that your winter move is successful.

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