5 Things You Should Never Pack Into a Rental Vehicle

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From moving everything you own cross-country to relocating a growing home office to its own building, there are dozens of situations that leave you responsible for packing a rented vehicle. But whether you’re moving or just taking a trip, there are some items you should never pack into a rented vehicle.

Shipping restrictions, laws on interstate travel, rental company preferences, and more all make these five items important to leave behind or to ship through an alternate method.

Winter Moving: What You Need To Know

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Winter is quickly approaching. For the majority of the states here in the U.S., this means that there will be freezing temperatures and lots of snow. Right here in Illinois, you are looking at an average snowfall of almost 22 inches.

As a general rule, even though it is a busier time of year, most people in Chicago will likely try to move during the summertime when they don’t have to deal with the cold temperatures, snow, and unpredictable forecast. However, there are times when you simply can’t avoid a move during the winter season. When this is the case, how do you plan a winter move?

It will most definitely be an adventure – one that you may never want to undertake again, but here are a few tips that will help you ensure that your winter move is successful.

Learn How to Choose the Right Rental Car for Your Next Family Road Trip

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If you plan to go on a trip in the near future, consider renting a car to get you where you plan to go. Renting a car allows you to avoid causing wear and tear to your car and is often more affordable than flying. Use the guide below to learn what things to consider when choosing a car to rent before your next trip.

Consider When You Plan to Travel

When you rent a car, you need to know when you plan to leave on the trip and how long you plan to be gone. Take the time to book the vehicle in advance to ensure you can get it for the exact timeframe you need it. You often only have to put down a deposit to hold a car for a future rental, but you will need to know exactly when you plan to leave and what day you plan to return the car.

How to Create a Budget for Moving Yourself Across the Country

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Moving yourself across the country costs much less than hiring a moving company. Even when doing everything yourself, though, relocating isn’t cheap. If you don’t budget carefully, you’ll be unprepared for how much a long-distance move costs. Here’s how to create a budget that takes into account the many expenses you may face when moving yourself cross-country.

Get a Quote for a Moving Truck

First, get a quote for renting a moving truck. This will be a significant expense, although not an unaffordable one. It’ll also be an expense that you can determine several months before your move, for most moving truck rental companies will guarantee you a rate if you reserve a truck with them.

When finding how much a moving truck will cost, don’t forget to make sure it’s properly insured. Contact your auto insurer to find out whether any of your policy’s coverage will extend to the truck you rent. Then, ask the moving truck rental company how much insurance coverage you don’t already have will cost.

Dos and Don’ts for Moving a Small Business on Your Own

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businessSmall businesses have been described as the heartbeat of the American economy, and rightly so. Local business owners help the economy and the community itself. However, it can be challenging to own and run a small business, and sometimes the need to move your business from one place to another is inevitable.

It takes a lot of physical, mental, and emotional energy to be in charge of moving your own company to a new location. The rewards may be worth it, though, when you save time and money doing it yourself. If you are considering a do-it-yourself move for your business, keep the following dos and don’ts in mind.

5 Reasons Why Your Band Should Rent Rather Than Own a Touring Van

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Rent a Van From Elite Truck Rental
If your band is about to hit the road for a tour, you’re definitely considering how you’re going to transport your band and your gear. You may be dreaming of finding a used van you can call your own. However, most experts agree that buying your own band van really isn’t economically wise until your band is touring frequently.

It’s best to rent a touring van until you’re doing shows at least one weekend a month for a year or more. There are five other key reasons why a novice touring band should rent rather than own a band van.

5 Things You Should Know About Tax Deductions for Business and Job-Related Relocations

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Boxes used for relocationThe IRS allows you to deduct a generous variety of moving expenses when you’re relocating to start a new job or business. Your state may also have similar relocation deductions in its income tax code. You should always consult a qualified accountant or tax attorney to make certain your deductions are allowable, but the following guide will give you an idea of how moving-expense deductions are handled by the IRS.

Timing Is Everything

You can only deduct personal and business moving expenses that you incurred within one year from the start of your job or business venture in the new location. So, if you start a new job in another area but don’t move your household to the new location until 15 months later, you can’t deduct your moving expenses.

Five Tips for Traveling With Your Dog in a Rental Vehicle

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Traveling DogIf your canine is your constant companion and your best friend, you probably don’t want to leave them at home for your next vacation. Luckily, you can bring domestic pets in most Hertz rental cars. However, the company levies an extra fee if you leave excessive dog hair or messes in the vehicle.

To have a great journey without worrying about messes or fees, you may want to check out these tips for trips with your pooch.

How to Move Your Small Business Without Losing Business

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smallbusinessboxFor many small businesses, location is a major factor in staying profitable and relevant in specific industries. In our previous blog, “The Why and How of Relocating Your Business,” we discussed the reasons to move and the basics of business moving logistics.

In this blog, we’ll discuss several business sectors that can suffer during and after a location change, including profitability, productivity, and customer loyalty. In each section, we provide the information you need to keep your business moving forward.

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