Why Is a Reservation Guarantee So Important? 


Why Is a Reservation Guarantee So Important? 

When you reserve your moving truck or rental van with Elite Truck Rental, you’ll benefit from a reservation guarantee. Unlike many other truck rental companies throughout Illinois, this reservation guarantee gives peace of mind and is one of the main advantages of renting from us. Consider the following about the benefits of a reservation guarantee and why a reservation guarantee is something you definitely want from a truck rental company–

What Is a Reservation Guarantee?

A reservation guarantee is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a guarantee from our company to you that we will have your moving truck or rental van ready when you need it. We promise to have the right size of vehicle ready based on your request and to have the vehicle ready at the day and time you specified for pick up. When you arrive to pick up your vehicle, it will be cleaned and ready to go. We promise that this is the case – our ability to guarantee our reservations is a huge part of our reputation and our commitment to doing good business. 

Why Is a Reservation Guarantee So Important?

You may be wondering why a reservation guarantee is such an important feature and whether or not it should sway your decision when you’re thinking about which company to rent from. 

First, a reservation guarantee gives peace of mind. It’s a comfort to know that when you make a reservation, the vehicle that you need will be ready to go at the time that you need it. This allows you to plan accurately around this without having to worry about last-minute changes.

In some cases, a reservation guarantee is about more than just convenience, though. For example, say that you have told your apartment landlord that you will be moving out on the 31st of the month and you have signed a contract stipulating that if you are not out at that time, you will incur daily fees. On the 30th, you head to your truck rental company to pick up your truck but, unfortunately, your vehicle isn’t available! You’re told by the company that they won’t have another truck available until the 1st, and because of the late notice, you can’t find a truck that’s available anywhere in the area from any company. As such, your move is delayed (a major headache) and you are at risk of accruing fines and fees from your landlord. 

When you choose Elite Truck Rental, we promise this will never happen. We understand that a lot is riding on your scheduled move date, and we promise not to get in the way of that. 

Make Your Truck Rental Reservation Today

If you need to reserve a moving truck, our team can help. All you have to do is call Elite Truck Rental directly or use our website to make your reservation online. We guarantee your reservation and we are available to answer any of your questions.

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