When is Peak Moving Season?


When is Peak Moving Season?

While you cannot always control when you need to move as it may be related to a job relocation or the end of a lease or rental agreement, if you do have a choice, the off-season is the best option. Peak moving season is traditionally the summer months, particularly anywhere from April to September. This is the peak season because of summer break and typically better weather.

But that does not mean peak season is the best time to move. The off-season from October to March can be an optimal time to move. If you are moving during the off-season, you will have a better handle on finding help from your family and friends as they will not have their calendars packed with summer-time events. Non-peak season is easier to schedule help from movers for your larger furniture items as well as renting a moving truck. It is easier to schedule a time for a moving truck during the off-season as there is not as much of a demand for moving trucks, and you will be better able to schedule your rental during the exact time and date that you are seeking.

Our crew can help you with a range of trucks to fit your move from our fleet during the non-peak moving season. Our team offers varied sizes of trucks to accommodate your amount of belongings and size of move. If you are moving from a smaller home or apartment, then our crew would recommend a 15-foot truck, which is ideal for belongings that fit in 3 or 4 rooms. If you have a home that has 9 rooms or more, then the 24-foot truck option would work best. This larger truck has a power lift-gate, which will help you load and unload your items more easily.

Be Mindful When Moving During the Non-Peak Season

Moving during the fall and winter months will be a bonus when you need help and when you want flexibility on renting your moving trucks. But do consider that there are more holidays packed into the end of the year and that may impact the time that your help is available and also when moving vehicles can be obtained. Try to schedule your move around major holiday weekends and weeks. Our Elite team will strive to work with you on scheduling your moving truck rental. If you need to move during a holiday weekend, we will discuss how long you can have your vehicle. We offer flexibility in the length of our rental agreements.

Weather can also be a factor during the non-peak moving season. Always take your time driving. It is a good idea to have an additional driver on your policy to help cut your own time behind the wheel. You can add additional drivers to your agreement as long as they have a valid driver’s license.

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