What to Do When Moving In


What to Do When Moving In

Your moving checklist has reached the point of arrival! Your family has walked into your new space for the first time and are happy to be at this point in the process. Now what? Stay on track and make your move-in a smooth process with these ideas and tips.

The Unloading

The moving truck is parked in front and it is time to get going on the unloading process. First and foremost, grab that box of cleaning supplies that you have easily accessible and do any initial cleaning before you move in all of your belongings. You want a clean slate to start off your first days in your new home. This will also give you an opportunity to see any need for a to-do project checklist.

Now that your space is clean, begin unloading and bringing in your boxes and larger items. Unpack your moving truck from the back to the front and drop them off into the correct rooms, so you do not have to organize the boxes when you are unpacking. Leave spaces in your home and each room to freely walk, so that there are not any moving day accidents! It is a good idea to bump big items against walls carefully at first before you organize each room around where these pieces will go.

The Return

Your moving truck rental has done its job! It is time to bring back your box truck or Econoline Van to our offices at Elite Truck Rental. Make sure that you have checked not only the back, but also the cab for any forgotten items. If you realize that you need your truck longer than expected, reach out to our team to discuss as sometimes the unloading process takes longer than you initially expected.

The Settling In

Now that you are in your new home, it is time to get it the way you want. Start with your large pieces of furniture in each room as that will set the stage for everything else to be put into place. Carefully unpack, uncover and reassemble your larger pieces. Dive into your moving boxes and find new spots for all of your essentials first and then everything else. Now is the time to make a list of things you may need in your new place, such as more clothes hangers, storage and organizational boxes, new trash cans, curtains and more.

As you are unpacking and getting settled, make sure to take time to tour your neighborhood and find your local grocery stores, gas stations and beyond. Stop by to say hi to your new neighbors and learn about your new neighborhood.

The Team

At Elite Truck Rental, we are proud to serve our communities as experts and moving specialists. When you are moving, we can work with you on truck rental and moving supplies. Reach out to our crew members through our online contact form.

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