Ways to Lighten Your Load Before Moving


Ways to Lighten Your Load Before Moving

Moving is a heavy process – both figuratively and literally! Your mind is burdened with the stress of your moving checklist and getting everything completed, while you are laden with so much stuff that you have accumulated over time in your current space.

Here are some ideas on how you can ease the burden of your next move to your brand-new space:

  1. The Appliance Question: Your refrigerator, washer, dryer and more can be the heaviest of your belongings and the hardest to move. Depending on your contract with your landlord or new homeowner, you may be able to leave them for the next tenant or buyer. If they are new and you want to take them along, consider renting an appliance dolly for our Elite Truck Rental team to help you move them easier. A dolly prevents you and your family from having to lift and carry large and heavy items.
  2. The Big Stuff: The same can be said of your couch, living room chairs, bed and beyond. These large items are big and heavy and will take up lots of precious space in your moving truck rental. If your office chair has seen better days, it is best to recycle it or if it is in decent shape, donate it to a local organization.
  3. The Disposables: Toothbrushes, razors, shampoo bottles, laundry supplies – these are some of the items that you can try to use up before your moving day, so that you do not have to drag them along to your new place. These little items can still be a big headache as you will have to pack them up and dry them off beforehand.
  4. The Packing Game: It is always best to be as organized as possible when you are packing up to move. You can pick up moving boxes from our Elite team in all of the sizes that you will need. Take the time to label and keep items from each room together, so that unpacking will be smooth as well. As you are going through your belongings, it should be with a keen eye as to what you may no longer need or are ready to pass along to someone in need. There is no better time to clean up your stuff than when you are moving to somewhere new.

Our Team Can Ease Your Load

At Elite Truck Rental, we have more than 150 vehicles available for you to rent for your moving day. We have large box trucks up to 24 feet as well as Econoline vans to transport your belongings. We have a reservation guarantee, so that you do not have to stress about having your vehicle ready to go on your moving day. Our fleet is well maintained mechanically and is kept clean and disinfected between each renter. Connect with a member of our team via our online contact form.

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