Top Moving Mistakes You Should Avoid


Top Moving Mistakes You Should Avoid

Moving prompts a range of emotions from excitement and stress to anxiety and sadness. While you are looking forward to a new journey, it can be hard to leave where you are, including the logistics of packing up and getting there. Here are some main mistakes to avoid while moving on to your new spot.

Procrastinating when packing: Literally, no one enjoys the packing part of the moving process. But it is necessary and can be completed effectively and efficiently. Try to schedule out a timeframe that will have you getting packed up in a tight timeline that will not have it dragged out. Start with the cleanout process of each room as you go, so that you are not lugging anything that you no longer need or want. Donate or recycle what you can.

Not knowing your new place: Take measurements when you are at your new home or apartment to help you determine if you will be bringing all of your large items or not. If your large sectional couch does not fit in your new place, this is essential to understand before you get there. Also, think out how you want your rooms laid out and where you want what, so that you can more easily transfer boxes inside and have them in the correct rooms without having to stress about it when you get there in the initial days.

Forgetting an overnight bag: It may seem like a waste of time to pack an overnight bag for your moving day, but it will be a relief once you get there. Pack essentials, such as a change of clothes, pajamas, toothbrush and toothpaste, shower essentials, toilet paper and bath towel, so that when you arrive at your place, you can go to bed for the night without having to search in boxes for anything that you need. When you are tired, you will be happy to have these items readily available, so you can wake up refreshed in the morning to tackle unpacking and arranging your new place properly.

Waiting to change your address: Another task that should be on your moving checklist is changing your address with the post office, utility and credit card companies, friends and family and more. Also, do not forget to update your driver’s license once you move.

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