Tips for a More Sustainable Move


Tips for a More Sustainable Move

Being eco-friendly and environmentally conscious is something that’s on the minds of many people these days. If you’re choosing to recycle at home, are maintaining a compost bin, are biking instead of driving whenever possible, and are looking for other ways to reduce your carbon footprint, then the idea of moving might make you feel a bit guilty. However, there are a number of things that you can do to make your move more sustainable. Here are some tips for a more eco-friendly moving process

Don’t Just Toss Things

The first rule of moving sustainably is to consider alternatives to just throwing things in the trash. While this rule certainly applies to all of the moving materials that you will inevitably use, it also applies to things that you’re getting rid of, such as the various knick-knacks and other no-longer-loved items that you don’t want to bring with you to your new home. For example, rather than just tossing old things into the trash to be sent to the landfill, consider having a garage sale, and then donating the rest.

Use Cloth Instead of Paper

You’ll need to wrap fragile items to prevent against breaking when moving, such as your glasses and dishware. Rather than using newspapers, use old clothes and rags. Socks are also great for stuffing into mugs and glasses – plus, this saves room when packing! The same is true when wrapping furniture for protection – consider using blankets instead of furniture pads. And, when cleaning your home once you’ve cleared out the furniture, consider using old rags (or cutting your old clothes that you were planning to toss anyway into old rags) to clean, rather than disposable paper towels.

Consider Reusable Boxes

Rather than purchasing boxes that you’ll just use once and then throw away, consider using items that can be used time and time again, such as crates vs. cardboard boxes. At the very least, try to find boxes that have already been used for something else – visiting your local grocery store or liquor store and asking for old cardboard boxes can be very helpful!

Rent a Moving Truck

Rather than taking multiple trips back and forth with carload after carload, you can rent a moving truck and do it all in one go. Not only will this save time, but it will also save gas and help to reduce the amount of C02 emitted as part of your move.

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