Tips on Making Your Family Move Less Stressful


Tips on Making Your Family Move Less Stressful

A move from the comforts of your familiar home can spur a lot of emotions along with a large to-do list to get you going. From packing to renting a moving truck, even the initial items on the list can cause anxiety and add to an already overwhelming situation for a family with kids and pets. Our team here at Elite Truck Rental has tons of experience in the industry and is here to ease the process as much as possible.

How you can mitigate the stress out of moving for your children:

Talk it Out: No matter their ages, children need to have a heart-to-heart with you about the upcoming move. Listen carefully to their questions and address their fears while highlighting the positives of a new adventure.

Plan ahead: By projecting to the next step down the road, you can help your kids acclimate to the idea of living somewhere new. Check out the new school online together or in person if possible. Help them gather ideas for their new space and room at the new house.

Preserve memories: Let them have access to a camera to take as many pictures as possible to remember their friends, favorite places, teachers and neighbors. Create a memory picture book that can be easily grabbed when they need to revisit the past.

New connections: If you are enrolling your children in any new sports or clubs, reach out to connect with participants before you move to help form bonds ahead of time. Your new school principal may be able to help with students who could be pen pals.

How you can help your pets move to a new spot: 

Talk to your vet: Make an appointment to make sure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations and to have a wellness check. Find out if there is a medication that will fit your pet to help him or her travel on moving day.

Stock up and pack up: Have an easy-to-access pack of all of your pet’s essentials so on moving day it is easy to get whatever is needed. Also, before you make the move, purchase a stockpile of food, treats or medications, so that you can settle into your new place without having to worry about tracking down a needed medicine right away.

New ID: Create tags before you go with your new home address and cell phone, just in case there are issues while traveling.

Welcome mat: Pets will need to adjust to a new space just as much as everyone else! As soon as your get to your new home, place your pet’s favorite toys, bedding and food and water bowls out, so they can connect these items with the new space.

Choosing the correct moving truck is also essential to a less stressed moving day. Our team can help determine what vehicle you need based on how much stuff you have! Connect with us today.

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