Tips for Safely Driving a Moving Truck in Winter Weather


Tips for Safely Driving a Moving Truck in Winter Weather

Driving a larger car can be more difficult than driving a smaller, passenger car-sized one, particularly because larger trucks have longer stopping times and bigger blind spots. Similarly, driving in the snow is often more dangerous and risky than is driving in dry conditions with great visibility. As such, putting the two together can be risky business, especially for a novice. If you’re renting a moving truck from Elite Truck Rental and winter weather is in the forecast, here are some recommendations for staying safe–

Slow Down

Slowing down is one of the best tips for safely navigating any road, winter weather or not. When visibility is poor and the roads are wet, snowy, or icy, though, slowing down is even more important. Slowing down is especially key before approaching any bridges, curves, or ramps.

Increase Your Following Distance

As mentioned above, larger trucks have bigger stopping distances, which means that from the moment the brakes are applied, they take more time to come to a complete stop than does a passenger car. When the roads are wet or slippery, this stopping distance may be increased even more. As such, it’s smart to increase your following distance behind other cars so that if someone in front of you should stop unexpectedly, you have plenty of time to react and safely stop, too.

Put Away Distractions

No matter when you’re driving, the outside conditions, or the vehicle you’re in, putting away distractions is very important. Distractions, such as cellphones, have become a leading cause of car accident-related injury and death. If you’re someone who’s tempted by a phone, do yourself a favor by tucking it out of sight when you’re driving your rental truck, and be especially cognizant of the risk of distractions if the weather outside is frightful. 

Reschedule Your Move if You Can

When you’re planning to move, making sure that the move happens on a certain day is often necessary – you may have already given notice to your landlord that you’ll be leaving at a certain time, for example. While we understand that rescheduling can be difficult, if not impossible, if the weather is really bad, we encourage you to think about staying off the road. Talk to us about your reservation and we’ll be happy to work with you.

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