Tips for Packing Fragile Materials


Tips for Packing Fragile Materials

While you may be excited about moving to a new place and the next chapter of your life, you still want to take with you all of your most valuable and precious possessions. Fragile keepsakes need extra TLC when you are packing up your belongings for your next adventure. 

Follow these steps to ensure your breakables make it with you on your move:

  1. The right packaging: Your most delicate pieces need more than just moving boxes. You need to wrap them up with the proper protective material. One is bubble wrap which is available in different sizes to fit your varied valuables. Packing peanuts can take up extra space in a box that will also absorb vibrations from the journey in the moving truck. Furniture pads can be handy for fragile items that are larger and will not fit into a box. They can be placed on furniture and big glassware pieces. Our Elite Truck Rental team has furniture pads on-site to rent for your moving needs. 
  2. Heavy stacking: When you are packing up your moving boxes, always place the heaviest items on the bottom of the box. If possible, stack fragile items, such as plates and bowls, with cardboard pieces between the safely wrapped items. 
  3. Size and labels matter: Your tiniest fragile pieces should be packed separately in small moving boxes to help protect them. With less space in the box, the item is less likely to shift and move during transit. Do not forget to label your boxes fragile to help you keep track of what boxes need the most gentle handling.
  4. Old boxes: If you have kept the original boxes for much larger and fragile items such as your big-screen TV, laptops, and other electronics, this can help keep them safe. Carefully wrap all screens on your devices and TVs carefully and securely with bubble wrap. A thick towel secured with a rope or cords provides extra protection.
  5. Bulky furniture: Your furniture that is fragile and delicate should be disassembled as much as possible, and pieces should be wrapped and protected before being packed up. Mirrors, paintings, and artwork need to have inner and outer layers of cardboard and bubble wrap in the middle.

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Our team has many items to help you move right here at our place. We have moving boxes in sizes from small to wardrobe for purchase as well as tape and rope. You can also rent an appliance dolly to transport your heavy and fragile items from door to door. We can also assist you with a moving truck rental that will fit your stuff. Our fleet of vehicles has a large 24-foot truck that can hold up to nine rooms’ worth of belongings. A power liftgate can help you pack up and unpack the back with ease. Let us know how we can help through our online contact form

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