Tips for Moving During the Summertime & Early Fall 


Tips for Moving During the Summertime & Early Fall 

The summertime is one of the most popular times to move. Indeed, real estate markets tend to be more robust in the summertime, more homes are listed for sale, and moving when it’s warm out may just be plain easier than moving in the middle of winter. If you’re planning a move during the summertime or early fall, here are some tips to help ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible–

Be Conscious of the Heat

As you pack up a moving truck for your move, remember that the back of a moving truck can get really hot in the middle of the summer, even if you’re only moving a short distance. As such, be conscious of what you put in the truck. Never put any live animals in the back of a truck, and be careful about transporting live plants that are heat-sensitive. Further, never put any open food in the back of a truck, and be careful about packing alcohol, as high temperatures can ruin flavor. Finally, if you have any heat-sensitive valuable items, such as works of art, you may want to consider shipping these items separately or making sure they are protectively wrapped.

Don’t Forget to Rest and Take Breaks

Heat exhaustion is a real thing, and if you’re loading or unloading your moving van or truck rental under the hot summer sun, you may be at risk of harm from excessive heat. Don’t forget to rest and take breaks when loading and unloading, complete with plenty of water. What’s more, note that taking frequent breaks while driving–if you’re going a long distance–is important, too, and may help to reduce the risk of an accident.

Make a Plan in Advance

As stated above, summertime is a prime time for moving, which means that rental vans and truck rentals will be going fast. In order to ensure that you have a moving truck available when you need it, we strongly recommend making a plan for your move in advance and reserving your rental vehicle as early on as possible. Once you make your reservation with Elite Truck Rental, that reservation will be guaranteed.

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