Tips to Avoid Damaging Items During a Move


Tips to Avoid Damaging Items During a Move

While there are many ups and downs to moving, one of the major disadvantages tends to be that, no matter how careful you are, something inevitably gets broken or damaged in the midst of the move. Perhaps it’s a beautiful piece of china that suffers a crack, a large scratch on your kitchen table top, or a damaged corner on your set of drawers. Whatever it is, discovering that an item–especially a much-loved one–has been damaged during a move can be frustrating. As you plan to move and get your moving truck ready, here are some tips to help you avoid damaging any items

Completely Cover Your Furniture

You may think that putting your kitchen table or TV stand into the moving truck without covering it is A-okay, especially if you have corner protectors in place. But if you really want peace of mind, completely covering your furniture with blankets or furniture pads is strongly recommended.

Pack Dishware Carefully

Of the items most at risk of being damaged during a move, dishware is at the top of the list. You can take action to avoid broken plates and glasses by ensuring that dishware is packaged carefully. Tips for packing dishware include:

  • Choose the right-sized box for the job; if dishes have too much room to move, they can be damaged more easily.
  • Wrap dishes in newspaper or another form of protective material. Consider putting old dish towels, t-shirts, or rags around particularly fragile and valuable items.
  • Pack your dishes in the moving truck last, and make sure that they are in a location where nothing is stacked on top of them, nor are they able to fall.

Label, Label, Label

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when moving is forgetting to label boxes that contain various items. When this is the case, all boxes are treated equally when loading and unloading, despite the fact that boxes containing more fragile items demand more care. If you have something fragile contained within a box, label the box as such so you and any movers know that the box needs to be handled with care.

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