Things You’ll Need When Picking up a Rental


Things You’ll Need When Picking up a Rental

Before you head out the door of your place to begin the moving process, take a minute to ensure that you are ready to pick up your moving truck or van rental. Stress surrounds moving no matter what, but you can attempt to alleviate some of the emotional side of leaving behind your old home by being as prepped and prepared as possible.

Check in: At Elite Truck Rental, we have a reservation guarantee, which means your vehicle will be ready for you when you are ready. But, we understand that you may worry about last-minute details, so we welcome you to check in with us to verify that the exact vehicle you want is ready to go. Or if you are worried that you may need another type of moving vehicle, discuss this with us before you come out.

Review your contract: We all fill out lots of paperwork in and may not take a close look at the time of signing it. Verify that your information is correct on your contract, including any payment information and dates of rental. If you need additional time/days, let us know when you pick up your vehicle.

Getting there: Did you remember to plan a ride to get out to your truck? Make sure to give your friend or family member enough notice if you are going to need help with a ride.

Papers on hand: Chaos is definitely part of the moving process! Make sure that your driver’s license, wallet/purse and insurance information are with you when you arrive at Elite Truck Rental. You don’t want to have to run back home if you leave your license packed in a random box.

Keep us informed: If you have any questions before you pick up your rental, reach out to us. If you have changes to your plans, call us with this updated information, so that we can accommodate you to the best of our ability before you get to our place. If you are adding an additional driver, he or she will also need to have their license on hand.

We Strive to Keep the Stress Out of Moving

Our Elite team understands everything that goes into the moving process, so we are here for you!

Before your moving day, you can purchase supplies from us as well. We have a range of moving boxes to fit your belongings. We also can rent out equipment to help with your moving day. We have appliance and 4-wheel dollies available as well as pallet jacks. These are tools to make moving large and heavy pallets as safe as possible.

Our fleet includes a range of sizes of vans and trucks for you to choose from to fit your move or project. We are happy to guide you to the best vehicle. Reach out to us through our online contact form today.

December 11, 2021
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