Supplies You’ll Need for Your Move


Supplies You’ll Need for Your Move

Moving may prompt lots of emotions, but stress is probably at the top of the list! Staying organized and on top of your to-do list can help transition you into your move and moving day as easily as possible.

Here are some key items that you will need to prepare for your move:

Packing supplies: Strong and durable moving boxes are a must to safely pack up all of your precious belongings for transportation to your new spot. It is best to put different sizes of boxes into play, so that you can best back your belongings. Strong tape will seal shut your boxes to keep everything in its place. Do not forget to label everything with an easy-to-read black marker. Write as much of a description as you can to help you when you get to your new place. Bubble cushioning will help keep your fragile belongings from breaking too. It is best to label these boxes with “fragile,” so you are more careful when picking them up.

Extra packing tape and painter’s tape: When you think you have enough packing tape, buy some more. It can go fast, and you do not want any of your moving boxes unsealed, so stock up. Painter’s tape is for more than just painting. It is a great way to bundle up loose cords or silverware safely, and it does not leave sticky marks behind.

Both scissors and box cutters: While these can be interchangeable, a box cutter is really the sharpest way to easily cut open boxes once you get there and help you break down your moving boxes once they have been utilized.

Tough trash bags: As you are packing, you are also going through your belongings with an eye to what goes, what gets thrown out and what gets donated. In order to best organize your stuff, strong trash bags are needed. You do not want to overstuff them, and thinner bags may break and cause a huge mess.

Blankets and shrink wrap: Moving blankets can help cover items as you pack them into the moving truck. Shrink wrap can go around your furniture and help keep these pieces from getting dirty and damaged. As you move them into the new place, the shrink wrap can soften sharp corners to keep from scratching your new walls as well.

Check in With Us For Supplies and More

If you are in need of extra moving boxes or specific sizes, connect with our Elite team to pick some up. Our moving boxes are available in small, medium, large and wardrobe sizes. We also have rope, tape and e-track straps for sale to help you on your move. You can rent supplies from us too: an appliance dolly, 4-wheel dolly, pallet jack and furniture pads. A dolly can make moving your largest appliances a little easier and less stressful on your back. Connect with us via our online contact form, for help from our team.

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