Should You Rent a Moving Vehicle or Use Your Own?


Should You Rent a Moving Vehicle or Use Your Own?

The idea of moving incites a mix of feelings – from excitement and anxiety to stress and concerns over money! While you may want to cut corners and spend as little as possible, there are pros and cons to taking the cheap route toward your next destination. Here we look at putting your own vehicle into use as a moving vehicle or renting a moving truck.

The Pluses and Minuses

Utilizing your personal vehicle for moving will allow you to save money as there is not a rental fee. You may be on a strict moving budget and this seems like a good idea and area to save some funds. Using your own car will also allow you to work at your own pace and not adhere to any timeline or deadline. You will have access to your vehicle whenever and for as long as you need it. This unending timeline may not be a plus, though, with the procrastinators of the world!

When you use your personal vehicle for moving, there is only so much space. Even if you have a large vehicle, pickup truck or SUV, there is no way the amount of space will equal the cubic feet in the back of a moving truck. For instance, the smallest box truck on our lot at Elite Truck Rental is 15 feet and has 725 cubic feet of space in the back. Even our Econoline van can handle 1 to 2 rooms’ worth of belongings with 250 cubic feet of space. With a limited amount of space to pack up, you will need to make more trips in your own vehicle. This is OK if you are moving nearby, but still can become an issue.

Your car will also be overloaded with more weight than it is used to. This can create a lot more pressure on your tires than they are used to or that they are built for. Also, you will be beating up the interior of your vehicle by having to cram in all of your stuff. Personal vehicles are just not made for being loaded up with too many boxes multiple times. You also may face wear and tear on your body as you will be loading up your vehicle without the use of a ramp. Our 2 top largest moving trucks have power liftgates, which make loading and unloading our moving trucks even easier on your muscles. 

We Can Put You in the Right Truck or Van

Our Elite Truck Rental team understands that you are on a budget! We will not push you into a vehicle that is larger than you need and cause you to spend more money. Talk to us about the size of your move and pick up your moving boxes with us too to save time. Reach out with questions through our online contact form

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