Safety Tips for Driving a Rental Vehicle


Safety Tips for Driving a Rental Vehicle

Just like driving a new car can take some getting used to, a rental vehicle can at first be intimidating when you get in the driver’s seat. Not only is it an unfamiliar vehicle with all new dashboard and feel, it can be larger and bulkier than you are used to driving.

Here are some tips and ideas to stay safe while behind the wheel of a rental van or rental truck.

  • Make sure that you have your paperwork in order before you pull out of the lot. That not only includes understanding your insurance coverage either through your personal insurance company or through us here at Elite Truck Rental, but also your rental agreement with return date and responsibilities.
  • While you are still on the lot with us here at Elite, review where all of the essential components are located in your rental. From the windshield wipers to the headlights, we do not want you scrambling to find the correct buttons while you are out on the road driving. We are happy to help you find anything that you cannot or answer your questions.
  • Get comfortable before you drive off by adjusting your seat to fit properly to drive comfortably as well as make sure that all of your mirrors are in the correct positions. With larger rental trucks, you have to rely more on your side mirrors to see what is going on around you.
  • Know your route and any potential issues before you begin your trip across town or the state. You should know the clearance and general dimensions of your rental truck, especially if you have to drive under bridges or across bridges.
  • Take it slowly as you first begin to drive and get settled in comfortably. Make sure you give yourself a few minutes to get in the groove and pull over if you need to figure something out. Keep distractions away as you are not in a vehicle that you are used to. If you have a passenger, let him or her be fully in charge of checking out routes, places to stop for gas or queing up the best road trip music.
  • If you are traveling on a highway or busy road, take it slowly and leave plenty of room between you and the vehicles in front of you. Stopping a large truck packed with stuff can take more time than a vehicle that you are used to driving every day.

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