How to (Safely) Drive a Moving Truck


How to (Safely) Drive a Moving Truck

A moving truck can be a valuable tool when you’re relocating and need to move furniture, appliances, and other personal items from one place to another. But a moving truck can also be a bit dangerous – these vehicles are much larger than the passenger cars that most drivers are used to, and can feel foreign to an unfamiliar driver. What’s more, because these vehicles are larger, they require more stopping room, have larger blind spots, and can be harder to control, too. As such, reviewing the tips for how to safely drive a moving truck is a must. Here are some things to keep in mind–

1. Put More Space Between Your Vehicle and Others on the Road

Remember, larger vehicles require more stopping distance than do passenger cars, which makes actions like tailgating especially dangerous. If you’re driving a moving truck, you can reduce your risk of an accident by keeping plenty of distance between the moving truck and other vehicles. This includes allowing plenty of room when lane changing or performing other maneuvers, too.

2. Stay in the Right-hand Lane

You may be used to cruising along at a fast pace, overtaking vehicles when necessary in your regular car, but in a rental truck, prepare to stay in the right-hand lane and to only pass other vehicles when absolutely necessary. Moving trucks require more time and distance to pass than do smaller vehicles. Plus, the more you pass, the more you’ll have to change lanes – something that can increase the risk of an accident.

3. Check Your Blind Spots. And then Check Again.

All vehicles have blind spots, but on moving trucks, especially large moving trucks, blind spots are bigger. And what’s more, blind spots for large vehicles aren’t just to the right and left lanes of a truck, but also directly in front of and directly behind the truck, too. Not seeing a vehicle in a blind spot is a common cause of an accident – you can avoid this by checking your blind spots, and then double-checking before changing lanes.

4. Slow Down

We know that you’re eager to get to your destination but remember – safety is the most important thing. The faster you’re going, the more difficult controlling your vehicle will be. What’s more, large trucks require much more time to stop than do smaller vehicles – if you’re traveling quickly and need to stop for whatever reason, you may have more difficulty than if you were traveling a bit slower. Also remember that not only does speed have an effect on the risk of accident, but also contributes to the severity of a crash when an accident occurs.

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