Safe Moving During COVID-19


Safe Moving During COVID-19

While it looked like the coronavirus spread was slowing down, as soon as things started to reopen nationwide, the numbers surged again. Now, the importance of taking caution when out and about has been underscored. If you are moving during the COVID-19 pandemic, our team wants you to know that we have your safety–and the safety of our employees–in mind. Here are some tips for staying safe and healthy while moving in Illinois–

Keep Distance When Possible

Of course, the easiest way to reduce your risk of contracting the virus is to maintain as much distance between you and other people as possible. We can help with this by offering contactless truck rental pick up when you’ve made a reservation online or over the phone. We also recommend going digital whenever possible, such as taking virtual tours of homes you’re considering and buying packing materials online if possible.

Wash Your Hands

You’ve heard it a million times, but it can’t be emphasized enough: one of the simplest ways to stay safe and germ-free is to wash your hands frequently. If you are moving, be sure to wash your hands after visiting other homes you’re considering, handling moving boxes, or driving a rental truck.

Start the Process Early

Moving is a big undertaking, and packing and hauling could take you much longer than you plan for if you don’t plan well, resulting in the need for professional help. The best way to avoid needing outside help (and thereby improving your ability to maintain physical distance from others) is to start the process early and move in waves. Rather than waiting for the week before you have to be out of your current home to begin packing, we recommend packing weeks in advance and then slowly moving stuff box by box.

Choose a Trusted Company

At Elite Truck Rental, we care about our customers and our community. We know how exhausting, emotional, and difficult life during COVID-19 has been and continues to be. We realize that this pandemic isn’t over yet. We understand that our role is to provide you with support and peace of mind when you choose us for trust rental services. Please reach out to our team at Elite Truck Rental today to make your truck rental reservation online or over the phone. Our employees are staying safe, and our trucks are always cleaned thoroughly in between customers.

To learn more about how we’re staying safe during this, please reach out today. We look forward to working with you.

July 13, 2020

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