Rental Vehicle Etiquette On and Off the Road


Rental Vehicle Etiquette On and Off the Road

At Elite Truck Rental, our vehicle is your vehicle while you are behind the wheel. We want you to feel at home in the driver’s seat and enjoy your trip wherever it takes you. While you are in our rental vehicle and before you bring it back, there are some things to keep in mind to be a courteous driver.

Have valid documents on hand: Before you arrive to pick up your rental vehicle at Elite, make sure that you have your driver’s license with you. Only drivers with valid licenses that are not expired or suspended are allowed to rent a vehicle. You will need to be insured to drive, whether that is through your own personal auto insurance policy – if it will provide truck rental coverage – or through our team.

Give as much time as possible: With a large fleet and reservation guarantee, we will have your rental ready for you when you need it. We ask that you make your reservation as soon as you can. This will allow us to thoroughly clean and sanitize your rental before your scheduled appointment as well as make sure that it is mechanically good to go. The stress of a last-minute reservation will only add possible challenges to your move or special event.

Rules of the Road: Unless you are used to driving a large vehicle, be mindful of when you hit the highway! Turning, speeding up and slowing down and changing lanes are all different in a larger vehicle, such as a moving truck. Take time to change lanes slowly and give yourself plenty of room when you turn. When you stop and park at rest stops or restaurants, utilize the big truck spaces to not take up room from other drivers. If you have questions on how anything in our vehicle works, we are here to answer those before you get out there on the road.

Be policy aware: We are happy to sit down with you and go over our terms of agreement. For instance, try to abide by the timeline that you have given us for the rental’s return. We do understand that challenges pop up, so reach out to us immediately if you need your vehicle longer than you initially thought.

Check in With Our Team When You Need a Rental

With our fleet of more than 150 trucks and vans and a reservation guarantee, we are here for you when you need us. We know the ins and outs of each and every one of our vehicles in our fleet. We can discuss exactly what your project is or how large of a home or apartment that you are moving. With these details, our team can guide you in the right direction of what van or truck is best for you! Contact a member of our crew through our online contact form for help.

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