Rental Trucks Ease the Load of Transporting Equipment, Expensive Purchases


Rental Trucks Ease the Load of Transporting Equipment, Expensive Purchases

Transporting or moving any large purchase or equipment can elicit anxiety in homeowners or business owners. Fear of damaging or breaking these items is at the core of anxiety as well as having the capacity to fit bulky and big pieces. In these instances, a rental truck can take the worry out of the situation and pave the way for a smooth transportation of whatever you have to move!

Check out the benefits for both our kinds of customers:

Rentals Carry the Load for Commercial Clients

Our Elite Truck Rental team can be your partner in hauling pieces of equipment or supplies. If you are a business that does not need to move items frequently, then renting is for you. It is an option that will fit your business model better than purchasing or leasing your own trucks or vans. It is a way to supplement your own fleet or have a larger vehicle on stand-by when needed.

The flexibility of rentals is also a core component of how our team helps business owners. Entrepreneurs can rent a vehicle when they need it – whether it is for just a special event or project or if it is for seasonal purposes. At Elite Truck Rental, our team members can work with you to fit your schedule. We rent trucks and vans for days, weeks or even months. We are happy to sit down with you to determine what you need and for how long you need it.

The variety of vehicle options is another reason that renting is a fit for many businesses. Elite’s range of trucks and vans ensure that the optimal rental is waiting for you on our lot. From an Econoline van to a 24-foot truck and everything in-between, our fleet can work for your crew. If you detail your load or item, we will go over the measurements and load capacity of each vehicle to determine what you need.

Rentals Help Homeowners in a Pinch

Companies are really not the only ones that benefit from a vehicle rental, homeowners can also get a helping hand. Expensive purchases, such as big-screen TVs, furniture and other large pieces can be a challenge to get home. It can be tiresome to task neighbors, friends or family members for help by borrowing one of their vehicles. Renting a van or truck can be the ideal solution to ensure that your new item makes it home safe and sound.

Check in With Us Today to Rent a Vehicle

The Elite team is honored to serve the community with rentals in all sizes. We maintain our vehicles and sanitize them after each customer returns them as part of our routine. We have a fleet of more than 150 vans and trucks in a mix of sizes. Our larger trucks have ramps and lift gates to make the loading process easier.  Connect with us online.

July 21, 2021
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