Relocation Preparation: A Helpful Timeline for Your Move


Relocation Preparation: A Helpful Timeline for Your Move

Moving can be complicated and stressful, especially when you’ve been in the same house for the last 10 or more years. With all the furniture and belongings you’ve collected over time, it can be difficult to organize your relocation and get everything in order.

But if you have a little time, you can take the planning and preparation in steps. Below, we list moving tasks along an easy timeline so you can take on your relocation bit by bit. If you don’t have quite as much time, you may need to slim down the timeline.

Eight Weeks Ahead

If you’ve got a two-month start, don’t wait to organize your move. There are a few tasks that are better to get done sooner rather than later.

Prepare a Binder

Before you start preparing for your move, get a binder to put pertinent papers and information in. For instance, you could put receipts in your binder or keep a careful record of your expenses. If you have a long-distance move ahead of you, include hotel reservation details in case you need them.

Research Rental Trucks

Checking your options and comparing prices is always a great idea. With a little time ahead of you, start looking at rental truck options to find the best choice. Talk to family and friends to see who they used and what they might recommend.

Get Rid of Unneeded Items

Take a moment to get rid of your extra things. For example, if you have 10 cookie sheets and only use two at a time, drop the extras off at a local donation center. For bigger or more expensive items, like couches and computers, sell the unwanted items online or at a garage sale.

Six Weeks Ahead

After you’ve lightened your load, secured a rental truck, and put your binder together, take a few more preparatory steps.

Gather Supplies

Before you pack up your china and your picture frames, you need proper supplies. Get boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and packing paper, and be sure you get different box sizes. You may also want to get some sturdier boxes from a local liquor store for books and other heavier items.

Use up Food and Other Materials

When there’s a month and a half left, start using up all your food, toilet paper, and other limited supplies. The last thing you want to do is drag extra materials with you on your move.

Four Weeks Ahead

With only a month to go, you should get the bulk of the work done. So, roll up your sleeves and start ticking some of these items off your list.

Get Packing

Now that you have your boxes and tape, start carefully wrapping your items and packing them in boxes.
Remember not to put heavy items in too large of boxes. Awkward, weighty boxes can be difficult to handle. You’ll also want to set aside your small valuables to transport yourself. Put them in a small box or a secure bag and keep them close throughout the move.

Reserve Your Rental Truck

After you’ve finished up your research on rental companies, reserve a rental truck a month in advance.
Booking the reservation early can help you avoid complications on moving day.

File a Change of Address

Stop by the post office when you can and put in a change of address, or do it online if you prefer. Ensure your mail is sent to your new place when you move so you don’t have to worry about missing important bills or letters.

Inform Everyone

In addition to a change of address, inform the right parties that you’re moving. Tell your bank, doctor, workplace, dentist, and other important establishments that you’re moving so they can record your new address.

If you’re completely changing doctors or dentists, have your medical records transferred to your new doctor when you can.

Two Weeks Ahead

At two weeks, crunch time is drawing near, and other than some of your necessities, you should have most of your belongings packed up and ready to move.

File for Time Off

If you’re staying with the same employer, put in for some time off on your moving day. You’ll want to be totally focused the day of, so allow yourself a day or two of leave for your relocation.

Confirm Any Reservations

Check to see if your truck rental is still scheduled, and if you’ll be staying in any hotels, ensure your reservations are still there. You don’t want to be left high and dry at the last minute.

One Week Ahead

With only a handful of days left, you want to ensure you have all your ducks in a row, and you’ll want to finish up your final preparations.

Pack a Suitcase

It can be difficult to tell when your full wardrobe will be unpacked, so prepare a suitcase before your move. You may want to pack a week’s worth of clothing and supplies, just in case unpacking takes longer than you expected.

Defrost Your Freezer

If your freezer has quite a bit of frost and ice on the shelves, be sure to defrost it towards the end of the week. You’ll want to give it a few days to fully defrost before you move it.

As you get ready for your move, use the tips and steps above to properly prepare little by little. For a dependable rental truck, trust in Elite Truck Rental. We’ll help you get the vehicle you need for your move, and we won’t cancel your reservation unexpectedly.

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