Things to Never Put in Your Moving Truck


Things to Never Put in Your Moving Truck

Moving trucks are a fantastic option for transporting heavy items, large pieces of furniture, boxes of personal items, bicycles and recreational equipment, dishes and kitchen goods, and much, much more. Indeed, if you’re moving in Illinois, renting a moving truck is probably a necessity.

However, while there are many things that you can use a rental truck for, there are a number of things that you should not put in your moving truck. Consider this list of some things to avoid putting within a moving truck rental, and then call our team at Elite Truck Rental to reserve your moving truck today–

Things to Keep Out of a Moving Truck

Here’s a list of things that should never go in your moving truck:

  • Any hazardous materials. Hazardous materials, including combustible and flammable items, should definitely not find a home within a moving truck. This includes chemical cleaners, weed killers, paints, detergents, solvents, fertilizers, and a number of household products. These products should be transported in an air-conditioned vehicle where they are properly stored, not the stifling bed of a moving truck. If you need to dispose of materials before moving, be sure to reference EPA guidelines or Household Waste Disposal Solutions provided by the Illinois EPA.
  • Anything living (like plants and animals). Anything that’s alive, especially pets, should never be transported from place to place via the back of a moving truck. The trailer of a moving truck is not air-conditioned, and animals could overheat and struggle to breathe without enough air flow. While the potential consequences of placing a plant in the back of a moving truck may be less serious, if you want your plants to live during your move, a moving truck isn’t the place for them.
  • Valuables and important documents. If you have very valuable items, such as high-value pieces of art, or important documents, like your passport and Social Security card, you should transport these items in your personal vehicle, not in a moving truck. Not only may these items be damaged in transit should any shifting occur (or should temperatures reach extremes), but moving trucks can also invite theft – in the event that a break-in does occur, don’t run the risk of losing the things that are most valuable to you.
  • Alcohol. Just like hazardous materials that can combust or experience a chemical change with serious temperature fluctuations, alcohol quality can be affected by temperature and humidity, too. If you want to enjoy opening that bottle of fine wine you’ve been saving, it’s best to transport it in a humidity- and temperature-controlled environment.


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