Planning to Move? Book Your Truck Early!


Planning to Move? Book Your Truck Early!

Warmer weather ushers in longer days, outdoor activities, a time for growth – and a demand for moving truck rentals. During spring and summer, people are on the move, in more ways than one. Industry professionals often see a jump in the need for box trucks. This includes moving as well as activities that need extra room through an extra vehicle. 

Our team at Elite Truck Rental strongly encourages our clients to make their rental appointments as early as possible during this busier time. We understand that there is a lot of chaos that can surround moving and special events, but we strongly advise our community members to not let this task fall off their to-do list.

Some tips and things to consider when you need to rent a moving truck for your spring and summer move or adventures.

One size does not fit all: Different sized moving trucks are best for various moves. As we have said before, you can maximize your moving truck rental’s space without having to spend more than you need. Our team can review with you the size of the rental truck that will work best. Our crew members can talk you through this decision. We have available on our lot three different sizes for box trucks: 15-foot, 16-foot and 24-foot. For instance, the 15-foot box truck has 725 cubic feet of space and typically can handle moves that include 3 to 4 rooms. The largest truck rental is for the larger homes with more than 9 rooms. With a power liftgate in the back, it will help you easier load and unload any cumbersome pieces.

Flexibility can lessen your stress: You may think that you will knock out the packing and moving process quickly, but find that it is a longer process than you expected. Let our team know as we do offer flexibility in our rentals. Whether it is a day or a week, we can work with you to ensure you have your moving truck rental as long as you need it.

Consider cost and your own car: Saving money is on our minds for sure! We will fit you in the right-sized vehicle, so that you are not spending more money than you need to. If you can put your own personal vehicle to use during your move, that is space that you will not need in your rental.

We Can Answer All of Your Questions

As experts, we know all about moving and rentals! Let our knowledgeable team assist you. Once your rental is in place, it is guaranteed to be there ready and waiting for you when you pick it up. We also have moving supplies available at our place. You can pick up moving boxes to help you pack up as well as tape and rope. If you want help with moving large appliances, you can rent an appliance dolly for our team. Reach out through our online contact form

May 31, 2023
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