Picking the Right Truck for Your Job


Picking the Right Truck for Your Job

At Elite Truck Rental, we’ve seen our trucks and vans used for all sorts of different jobs. From hauling heavy equipment to decorations for a birthday party, there are tons of different reasons you might need a rental vehicle, and may different vehicles to choose from. Considering a few factors can help you narrow your search, and eventually settle on the perfect truck for the job. When in doubt, it is always best to speak with a rental truck professional, who can assist you in your search!

Different Vehicles

To start, you should know a thing or two about the vehicles you have available. At Elite Truck Rental, we have over 150 vehicles in our fleet, including both trucks and vans.

Econoline Vans:

Large moving vans are one step smaller than a moving truck, and have a couple of advantages over their larger counterparts. As a smaller vehicle, renting will cost less, the gas mileage will be better, and there will be less of a learning curve if you don’t usually drive large vehicles. We recommend getting a van if you are hauling a smaller load or are planning on making multiple trips. Our vans can carry 250 cubic feet and 1,000 lbs.

Moving/Event Trucks (15, 16, 24 ft.)

Our trucks come in three different sizes, each of which may be best suited for your job, depending on what it is. Our smallest vehicle is 15 feet, and can carry 725 cubic feet, along with 3,400 lbs of material. Scaling up from there, the 16-foot truck has only slightly more space (800 cubic feet) but can carry 6,000 lbs. This vehicle comes with an electric lift-gate, which helps get heavier objects into the back of the truck. There are also e-track rails so that you can secure those items with straps. Finally, the largest vehicle is our 24-foot truck, which significantly steps up both its carrying capacity (1,300 cubic feet) and weight limit (10,000 lbs). Like the 16 foot, this truck comes with a power lift-gate and e-track rails to help out with heavier items.

Your Job

After learning more about the vehicles we have available at Elite Truck Rental, you should begin to think about the specifics of your job. First and foremost, what are you trying to carry? While this question may seem simple, the answer can be trickier than you might think. Many people use our vehicles for moving, and visualizing exactly how much space all your belongings will take up can be somewhat tricky.

One of your first considerations should always be whether you are transporting large and heavy objects. If you are, using one of the two larger trucks is the way to go. Both these trucks come equipped with e-track rails and a power lift-gate, which help load and secure larger and heavier items. Moving fridges, washers and heavy furniture will be much more comfortable, and you won’t need to worry about your more fragile things getting crushed.

If you are moving far away, you should always overestimate the size of your belongings. After all, you don’t want to end up realizing you don’t have enough space for everything part way through moving. Beginning to pack up your nonessential items will start to give you a better idea of the space you will need for the move, but you always want too much space, rather than not enough.

Conversely, if you are traveling nearby, and have mostly smaller or lighter items, the van might be your best bet. You will save on gas, and you won’t need to stress out about driving a large truck. This van is an excellent option for event hosting/catering, and for those moving out of smaller residences or apartments.

Finding the Right Fit

By cross-referencing your needs with the specifications of each vehicle, you can quickly narrow down your search and find your perfect truck or van. If you still aren’t sure, Elite Truck Rental’s professional insight may be able to help! You can give our Chicago office a call anytime, or just fill out our online contact form with your question or request. We’re happy to help!

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