Paving Your Way to College Moving Day


Paving Your Way to College Moving Day

College life means many new adventures, friends and experiences. But first, you have to get there and get moved in! Besides your checklist of what you need to pack, follow these tips for a transition that is as smooth as possible.

Before you go

  • Take some time to pack, purchase new items, get ready and tie up loose ends. Procrastination will only lead to even more stress.
  • If you have a roommate, connect with him or her to see if there is a way to share some of the expenses of larger shared items. You can divvy up what to bring or split the costs. If you each bring only some larger items, you will have a lesser load to move on moving day.
  • Visual everything you need by sketching out the layout of your room before you go. If you know your new space better, you can make decisions beforehand on where you want what, so you are not figuring it all out on the move-in day.
  • Make sure you have help, but not too much! You and your roommate will be in your tight dorm room at the same time and it can get complicated and stressful being crammed into one space.
  • Know your exact time and day for moving in and plan accordingly.

Time to pack

  • Less is more when it comes to dorm living. Pack the essentials and multi-purpose items too, such as lamps with USB chargers. You will not have a lot of space in your room.
  • Depending on where you are attending school, try to have only clothes on-hand for the current season. Bulky winter items will just eat up valuable space, and you can also refresh your wardrobe when you visit your family at home.
  • Wait and purchase school supplies and other living essentials when you get to campus, so you do not have to haul bags and bags of stuff along with your clothes, tech and bedding.

It’s Moving Day

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are able to get a little dirty and are easy to move around in for all of the cleaning and carrying that are part of moving.
  • Have water and snacks readily available – especially if it is warmer weather. Moving in is truly like a workout! 
  • Be ready for a physically and emotionally exhausting day as you begin the first day on your new path.

Our Vehicles Will Help You Get There

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September 02, 2021
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