Why You Should Never Use Company Vehicles for Office Relocation


Why You Should Never Use Company Vehicles for Office Relocation

Your business is moving to a new, larger, and more convenient location, and you are excited at the prospect of starting fresh with your company and improving business with a better location. But you also have to make a decision: Should you use your own company trucks to move your business’s inventory and appliances or rent vehicles from a professional moving company?

There are many reasons why you should rent moving vehicles for your business relocation over your own company trucks. Read on to learn more.

You Are Liable for Accidents if You Use Company Vehicles

The insurance that you have on your company equipment revolves around the type of business you do and what the equipment is used for — likely delivery or personal work use of employees while they are on the clock. Your company vehicles are likely not expected to be used as moving vehicles by your insurance company.

This means that you can be sued if one of your drivers gets in an accident in your company vehicle, whether they are driving to or from your new business location. Rather than put your business at risk, rent moving vehicles for all your business relocation needs so that your company vehicles will be used only for their intended purposes.

You Can Write Off Moving Expenses

Why should you put your company vehicles and office equipment at risk just to save money on moving truck rentals when you can write off most of your business moving expenses? If the costs to relocate your business are directly related to the move of your business, you can recoup your expenses come tax season. Such costs include paying employees to relocate items, buying packing supplies, and renting moving vehicles.

Remember that your company vehicles depreciate over time and will become less of an asset to your company as they age. Don’t encourage depreciation by over-using your company vehicles for moving purposes, which may end up costing you more money in the long run.

You Can Have a Safer Move

Moving trucks are specially designed with weight distribution, built-in shelving, wide side mirrors, and large windows to make moving large capacity loads easier and safer. Your business has many items to move, including electronics, furniture, equipment, and inventory. You need a safe location to house all these items in for easy transport, and using a moving truck rental is the wiser option.

When choosing a moving truck rental company, keep in mind the size of the moving trucks you need and whether you need a climate controlled unit. Items that may need climate-controlled transit include electronics and perishable items.

Moving trucks provide many insurance benefits that your traditional company vehicles likely don’t have, including protection of your belongings while they are in transit and coverage for the vehicle in the event of an accident.

You just have to make sure you pack your moving vehicle according to the rules and regulations of the rental company you choose. And make an inventory of the items you will be moving to help your moving specialist select the right equipment for your needs.

There are many reasons not to use your own company vehicles to relocate your business to your new location. Speak to a moving vehicle rental specialist to discuss your needs in moving equipment. Your moving truck rental company will help you choose between trucks, vans, and transport cars to successfully relocate your business.

At Elite Truck Rental, we have a large inventory of moving vehicles and rental cars to make your business transition easier. Call us today to reserve the moving vehicles for your business’s relocation.

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