Moving Resources


Moving Resources

There are many moving parts – both figuratively and literally – when you are packing up and heading to a new home! We have compiled some key resources, tips and tricks to help you follow the easiest path possible to your new place.

Checklist to Stay Organized

  1. Have a plan: Work through what it will take to get you packed up and transport your stuff to your new home or apartment. Have a notes section on your phone to organize all of the info.
  2. Who is moving you? Whether you are hiring a pro or having help from family and friends, make sure that everyone is on the same page. If you are renting a moving truck, have an appointment in place and your insurance coverage set to drive your rental.
  3. Sort it out: There is no better time to go through your belongings then when you are moving. Sort each room into piles of keep, throw away and donate. This is also a good time to see what new items you may need for the new place and make a list to purchase.
  4. Pack it up: Now that you have decluttered and only have what items you are moving with, you can begin the packing process. At Elite Truck Rental, you can stop by and pick up moving supplies, such as moving boxes or rent an appliance dolly for heavier items.
  5. Take time to process: As you are putting your life into boxes, it can prompt a variety of emotions for you and your family – especially children. Talk it out and make sure to be aware of your children’s ups and downs during this transitional time.
  6. Wrap it up at home: As you pack your belongings away, it will be time to deep clean areas, cancel any services at your old home and say good-bye to your old neighbors.
  7. Change of address: Before heading out to your new place, make sure to have your mail forwarded to your new address. You will also need to update your address with your bank, credit card companies, insurance company, magazines or newspapers, BMV, doctor and more.
  8. Plan for Moving Day: Just as you had a plan to get you here, you should have an outline of what will happen on your actual moving day. This is especially helpful if you have people helping at both ends of the journey.
  9. Your first night: Have a moving day night bag packed and easily accessible, so that you can rest and relax the first night in your new home. Then you can wake up and tackle the job of unpacking your first full day in your new home or apartment!

We are Here to Lend a Hand

If you know you need a moving truck, but are not sure what size will work, reach out to our Elite Truck Rental team for advice. Our vehicles can accommodate items from an apartment up to a nine-room home. Connect with us through our online form.

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