How to Move Safely During the Winter


How to Move Safely During the Winter

Planning a move during the wintertime may be a necessity, but it isn’t always convenient. With slippery surfaces, poor road conditions, bad visibility, and cold temperatures, moving during the wintertime can be both uncomfortable and dangerous. If you are moving when temperatures are cold out, our team at Elite Truck Rental wants to help you do it safely. Read these tips for how to move safely during the wintertime—

Wait Out a Storm if You Can

When it comes to moving during the wintertime, our first tip is: don’t do it if you can help it! Obviously, there may be times when you have a scheduled move date and changing that last-minute will be impossible. If you can, however, put off moving in the midst of a snowstorm, when visibility will be low, and the risk of a car accident or slip and fall may be high.

Clear Sidewalks and Walking Surfaces

Whether you’re hiring movers or will be responsible for transporting items yourself, your first priority should be to clear walkways and stairs so that when heavy furniture is being carried out, there is a smaller chance that someone will slip, trip, or fall on slippery surfaces. Make sure that you are wearing appropriate footwear with good traction, too. And, don’t forget to have shovels on hand if the snow that’s accumulating needs to be removed, as well as salt to put down.

Plan Your Route Carefully – And Slow Down!

Once you have your moving truck loaded, it’s important that you plan your route carefully and drive as cautiously as possible. Driving a moving truck can already be a challenge if you’re used to a smaller vehicle – driving in a storm can make things that much more dangerous. As you navigate the roads, provide more following distance than normal between your vehicle and the one in front of you, put distractions away, and slow down. Be sure to have an ice scraper inside your vehicle in the event that you need to clear your windshield!

In addition to driving carefully, we also recommend packing your moving truck with warm clothes, boots, and gloves, non-perishable food items, and water in the event that you get delayed or have to get out of the car.

Plan Your Move Today

At Elite Truck Rental, we encourage safe driving and moving behaviors at all times of the year, but urge you to be extra cautious when the weather is less than ideal. To rent your moving truck from Elite Truck Rental today, reach out to us by phone or online at your convenience.

January 14, 2020

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