Move Safely During the Winter Months


Move Safely During the Winter Months

Moving day can be filled with a mix of anxiety and excitement as you and your family move from your home or apartment to a new place ready for new adventures! While a sunny, breezy day would be ideal for the move, timing does not always work out this way. If you are going to have to pack up and move during the cold, winter months, here are some tips to staying safe and keeping your stress at a minimum.

Think ahead to your new place:

Plan to have your gas and electric transferred to your name and up and running a couple days before you move in. Take the time – if possible – to check in on the status before you trek over with all of your belongings. Turn lights on and the furnace to make sure that everything that you will need for your first night is working properly. You want to be able to call for any maintenance before you move in.

Keep it safe and clear:

Slippery sidewalks and driveways are an accident waiting to happen at your old or new place! Shovel and spread de-icer down where you will be walking the most before you move out and in. Placing a utility rug on any slippery garage or interior floors that you may have to walk in while unloading to help dry your shoes. Cardboard tacked down can help protect carpeted areas.

Have gear right at hand:

When you are packing up your stuff, make sure that you do not pack up your winter clothes and gear that you may need for being outdoors on moving day. Hats, gloves, long underwear, heavy coat, and extra gloves if your pair gets wet should all be readily accessible, so you do not have to go digging in boxes.

Pack up your supplies:

Have an emergency vehicle kit in your cab for your trip with such items as a flashlight, road flares, blanket and hand warmers.

Get a sitter:

To make sure you do not have a furry friend underfoot, have a family member of friend watch your pets, have them boarded or crate them up safely while you are moving around and in and out of your old and new place.

Prepare for changes:

Weather is unpredictable. If a severe storm is expected or forecasted, it is best to adjust your moving time or day. You do not want to be driving a moving truck or loading and unloading boxes in unsafe weather conditions.

Hot beverages on hand:

Cook up a crockpot of hot apple cider or chocolate or have a carafe of tea or coffee to take breaks and warm up on the inside.

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