Long-Term Truck Rentals


Long-Term Truck Rentals

Most people only need a rental truck for a day or two, usually to assist with a move or to transport a large load from one location to the next. But in some cases, a person might need a long-term truck rental. If you need a long-term truck rental, Elite Truck Rental can help. Unlike most truck rental companies, we offer flexible rental policies and can rent to you by the day, week, month, and more. Call us today to learn more about our long-term truck rentals in Illinois and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose Long-Term Truck or Van Rental?

There are many reasons why you may need a large truck or a cargo van long-term. For example, businesses may need a truck long-term because they have on-going and recurring shipment needs. Or, an individual may rent a cargo van long-term for recreational purposes, such as a road trip where they are transporting bikes and other gear, or another expedition. An individual may turn to a long-term truck rental if they are trying to get a business up off the ground, have a big project that requires the transport of heavy items, and more. 

Long-term truck rental may be a better option for your budget as opposed to buying a truck, especially if you know that you don’t need the truck permanently. 

Why Rent from Elite Truck Rental?

Most rental truck companies throughout Illinois don’t offer long-term truck rental, so your rental options might be limited. When you choose Elite Truck Rental, on the other hand, we rent our trucks for time periods that work for you. Do you only need a truck for 24 hours? No problem. Want to rent a truck for a week or two? We can work that out. And if you need a truck for a month or more, we can offer long-term truck rentals as well.

And we’re not just flexible around for how long we rent our trucks, but other parts of our rental policies, too. For example, we always allow you to add another driver to your policy, accept payment in a variety of forms, and allow you to drive our trucks out of state. We keep our trucks in great condition, have a reservation guarantee, and always prioritize the customer experience. 

Make Your Long-Term Truck Rental Reservation Today

At Elite Truck Rental, we know that everyone’s rental needs are different. If you need a long-term truck rental in Illinois or the surrounding areas, we have you covered. To learn more or to make a reservation, please contact us online or by phone at your convenience. We are here to serve you.

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