How to Load a Moving Truck


How to Load a Moving Truck

There is no doubt that as exciting as moving to a new home can be, moving is also a stressful endeavor that can test the patience of even the most even-tempered of people. And when it comes time to pack your moving truck, you may be shaking your head at the complexity of trying to figure out what goes where. As you plan your move, here are some tips for packing a moving truck that can help to smooth things out–

Put the Biggest and Heaviest Things in First

It makes sense that the biggest things should go in first – this way, you can be sure that there’s enough room for these items, rather than doing all of the smaller items first only to realize that you’ll have to do some serious rearranging to get larger items to fit. By loading the biggest and heaviest things first, you’ll also get the hardest part over and done with, so to speak, early.

Take Things Apart

It’s silly to try to load a bed frame all in one piece, or a kitchen table without taking the legs off. If the pieces of furniture that you’re loading separate into multiple pieces, then take them apart before loading. This will not only free up room, helping to make the move that much easier and allowing you to fit more things in the moving truck, but this will also help to protect the items themselves, too.

Stack What You Can

When you think about the space that’s available in a moving truck, it’s not just the distance from one end of the truck to the other that’s usable; it’s the distance from top to bottom, too. Take advantage of this by stacking what you can. When stacking, however, remember that things can shift or fall in transit, so securing your stacked piles is important. And of course, always stack by having the heaviest items on the bottom.

Plan for Movement

Finally, remember that you’ll actually be driving this truck, which means that things stored within are likely to not remain stationary. In order to account for this, it’s important to pack things as tightly as possible, to use bungee cords to secure loads where necessary and to use softer items (like pillows or blankets) to provide protection between furniture surfaces and other fragile surfaces or items.

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