Let Elite Truck Rental Help You Think “Inside” the Box


Let Elite Truck Rental Help You Think “Inside” the Box

No matter if you have lived in your place for a year or 20, you will have lots of stuff to pack up before you move out and into your new spot. First and foremost, grab moving boxes of all sizes at our Elite offices, and then follow these tips to packing it all up.

Create Piles: As you organize your belongings, you will need to make decisions on what will be donated, thrown out or what is coming with you. It is always best to do this by room and keep your moving pile organized by similar items in each and every room. Breakables and valuables should also be together, so you can really wrap them up and protect them during transit.

Pack It Up: As you are putting your stuff in boxes, be mindful that you should not cram your stuff in there and fill them up. If your moving boxes are too heavy and cumbersome, you will have a hard time carrying them, loading them into your moving truck rental and unloading them at your new home or apartment. Soft items, such as towels and sheets, can fill up boxes and create a cushion.

Keep Track: Take the time to label your boxes in a way that works for you – with a marker, labels or a breakdown of what is in each box. Flag your most fragile boxes. In the chaos and stress of moving, you do not want to have any unlabeled boxes to deal with once you are at your new home.

It’s the Big Day: On moving day, stay on your personal schedule as much as possible by eating meals, sleeping properly, exercising, etc., as it will be a long day and possibly a long week. Be organized and have a plan in place for how you hope the day to go. Depending on how far you are traveling to move, would be it beneficial to stay overnight somewhere? Have a rough idea of stops for gas and food to help you stay on track for your travels.

Be Ready: Pack yourself an overnight bag, just like you would on vacation, so you have all of your personal essentials ready to go when you arrive at your new home. You are going to be beat and will want to have easy access to whatever you need immediately, such as your medications, toothbrush, eyeglasses, etc.

Time to Unpack: Make sure to locate and unpack your key items first that you know you will need right away. Do not rush through unpacking, but take the time to organize and set up your new place how you want it.

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June 28, 2023
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