Last-minute Checklist for Your Summer Move


Last-minute Checklist for Your Summer Move

A move can sneak up on you faster than you anticipated. Whether you procrastinate in putting together a plan for moving day or your circumstances have changed and now you’re moving at the last minute, having a roadmap for what you need to do between now and moving day can be helpful. Here’s a straightforward last-minute checklist for your summer move that can help to ensure that things go smoothly on moving day–

1. Reserve Your Moving Truck Rental

If you are moving last minute, one of the first things that you need to do as soon as possible is to schedule your truck rental. Summer is a popular time to move, and it’s not uncommon for moving truck reservation openings to be weeks out. The earlier that you can secure your rental vehicle, the better! At Elite Truck Rental, we have a reservation guarantee. This means that once you reserve your rental truck, you’ll have peace of mind that it will be ready to go at the date and time you requested it.

2. Get Organized

Once you know that your moving truck is reserved, it’s time to turn to the many items within your home. Start creating three different piles as you sort through your personal belongings: one pile of things you’re bringing to your new place, one pile of things that you’re going to donate, and one pile of things that need to go to the landfill (or which can be responsibly recycled). 

3. Get Your Moving Supplies and Pack

Now that you have your three piles, you know exactly how much you’re bringing to the new place, which should inform the quantity and type of moving supplies you need. If you haven’t already done so, now’s the time to secure boxes and tape, as well as any specialty moving items you’ll need, such as boxes and materials for transporting artwork. Once you have your boxes, get packing!

4. Check That Everything’s Ready at the New Abode, Clean Up the Old

At this point, moving day is right around the corner. Are things ready to go at the new place? Is the electricity turned on? Is the AC running? Is your internet set up and ready to be turned on? The last thing that you want is to show up and not have the new home ready for you. 

Finally, the last step is to give your current place a good scrub before you head out. 

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At Elite Truck Rental, we have a fleet of over 150 moving trucks of different sizes, maintain a reservation guarantee, and always prioritize low prices and customer service. If you’re planning a move–last minute or otherwise–we can help. Reach our team today to reserve your moving truck now.

July 13, 2021
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