How to Plan for Your Move This Year 


How to Plan for Your Move This Year 

Thinking about an upcoming move can leave you with feelings of anticipation — if only your move date were tomorrow! How exciting! If your move is coming up fast, though, you can reduce stress and give yourself peace of mind by taking the time to plan in advance. Here are some tips for how to plan for your move this year —

Know Your Moving Budget

The first thing to think about is how much money you have to allocate to your move. You’ll also want to think about your fixed costs vs. your flexible costs. For example, if you’re moving out of an apartment and breaking your lease, then whatever your contract stipulates about that is a fixed cost. On the other hand, deciding to hire movers to help you is a flexible cost. It’s smart to outline how much you have to spend in advance, so you’re not scrambling to pinch pennies at the end. 

Create a Timeline

Next, create a move timeline. Identify your move date and think about all of the steps you’ll need to take before that date hits, such as renting a moving truck, packing, hiring movers, scheduling cleaners for your current place, requesting the day off of work, etc. As part of your timeline, make a list of to-dos with deadlines by which you want to check them off. 

Figure Out Logistics in Advance

The best advice when you’re moving is to not wait until the last minute to figure out the most important logistics! For example, if you know that you are moving on June 1, don’t wait until May 15th to try to rent a moving truck — there may not be any available! Once you know your dates, schedule your affordable moving truck from Elite Truck Rental in advance, hire movers (if you’re using them), know what help you’ll need and ask for it, etc. 

Don’t Hold Off on Packing

Just like figuring out logistics in advance, you’ll also want to start packing in advance — you’ll be surprised at how long packing takes, especially when you do it right. If you can pack things that you aren’t using (like your winter or summer clothes depending on the season) in advance, you’ll save time as your move date approaches.

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