How to Plan for a Long-Distance Move 


How to Plan for a Long-Distance Move 

Moving is an exciting process. But if you’re moving long-distance, you’ll have to make time for plenty of planning and preparation–moving long-distance is quite the journey! To help you along the way, be sure to refer to the following tips for how to plan a long-distance move. For truck rental reservations and all of the moving supplies you need, call Elite Truck Rental directly today.

1. Get Organized Early

One of the best tips for planning for a long-distance move is simply to start planning early. The more time that you give yourself, the better prepared you’ll be on moving day. As soon as you’re able, start thinking about the date that you’re moving, when you need to make your rental reservation, whether or not you’ll hire movers or do the move yourself, and when you’ll list your home/be ready to move into your new home. Having a to-do list to check off throughout the process can be helpful, too. 

2. Get a Few Quotes

As part of your planning process, you should contact a few different truck rental companies or/and moving companies to get a few different quotes. The hard truth is that moving long-distance can be expensive–you want to compare rates early on and find a low price so that you’re not forced to go with an overly priced company last minute due to your own procrastination.

3. Don’t Hold Off on Packing

You may think that you have plenty of time to pack, but the reality is that the move will come up faster than you’re expecting. We strongly recommend packing all your non-essentials that you won’t need to use over the next few weeks early on. Hold off on packing last-minute items until you can.

4. Make Sure Everything’s Ready at Your Destination

You don’t want to be prepared to move, have your boxes packed and your truck rented, only to learn last-minute that your new home isn’t move-in ready. Make sure things are lining up on both ends of your destination for peace of mind and moving security.

5. Check and Double-Check Your List

Throughout the process, make a conscious effort to check and double-check your list of to-dos. Be flexible with yourself, as inevitably something unexpected will pop up.

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