How to Move with Pets


How to Move with Pets

At Elite Truck Rental, we are passionate about moving. Not only do we run a truck rental company, but we also believe that moving is an ideal opportunity for a fresh start, a new experience, and lots of excitement. But we know that regardless of the reason you’re moving, things might be a little more complicated if you’re moving with pets. Here are some tips for a stress-free move with your four-legged friend–

Get a Check-up First

Most pets will be totally fine with a move, but if you’re traveling long distances or if your pet is old or has any medical conditions, moving may not be the best plan. As such, it’s always a good idea to take your pet to the vet for a check-up first, just to make sure they’re up for the move. If your pet struggles with anxiety, your vet may be able to suggest something to help.

Keep it Familiar

One thing that can be hard for pets, both cats and dogs alike, is being in a brand new place without any semblance of the old. In order to make your pet feel more comfortable, be sure to tote along some of their favorite items, such as their favorite blanket and toys. If your pet will be staying in a kennel, a T-shirt that smells like you and like their former home may be a nice touch to include, too.

Update Collar Information

While it’s a terrible thing to think about, sometimes pets will take off during a move out of fear, anxiety, or in an attempt to find their old home. As such, it’s really important that your pet is collared and that their collar is up-to-date with all of their information.

NEVER Put a Pet in the Back of a Moving Truck

If there’s no room for your pet in the cab, you may think it’s OK to put your pet in the back of a moving truck, especially if you’re only traveling a short distance. However, this is NEVER a good idea. Trucks can overheat in the summer, get far too cold in the wintertime, and don’t have a lot of airflow–all of these could be potentially fatal for a pet. Instead, it’s best to keep small pets in the cab of the moving truck with you, or to use your personal vehicle to transport a pet.

Rent Your Moving Truck Today

At Elite Truck Rental, we want to do everything possible to keep your move simple and easy. That’s why we offer great moving trucks, a reservation guarantee, and flexible rental policies. To learn more about renting a moving truck with us, call our team today or send us a message requesting more information at your convenience. We look forward to working with you.

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