How to Maximize Space in Your Moving Truck


How to Maximize Space in Your Moving Truck

The back of your moving truck rental can sure be intimidating when you are loading it up to have enough room for all of your stuff! When it is you and your family members or friends taking on this task, you can pack up like a moving expert with the help of our tips here.

Keep Zones in Mind: Professional movers attack a load with three areas of the moving truck space in mind. The empty space should be thought of in three horizontal layers: top, middle and bottom. You should pack up your heavier and cumbersome items and furniture in the back, sides and bottom of the space. These will serve as anchors to layer up your additional items. These can be tied down securely to allow for less movement and potential damage to your belongings. The tighter your boxes are packed, the less likely they will shift. Taking time to load in zones will pay off later when you are unloading your belongings and they are safe and secure.

Build on a base: Now that you have your furniture and heavy items secure, you can pack in your other items and loose pieces, such as rugs, pillows, etc. Your base should not go above your shoulder height to make it easier to load later on. This top layer should not contain anything fragile as it is not packed as tightly and can shift as you drive your moving truck and take turns on the roadways.

Safe and secure: Wrapping your furniture with blankets, pads or bubble wrap can help prevent scratches on your pieces. You should also not pack valuable or very fragile items in the back. You should keep these with you in the cab or have them packed up in a vehicle with a trusted friend or family member. This will help you keep track of what is most important to you.

Watch your weight: When you are loading your truck, also keep in mind to keep the heaviness distributed around the truck. It can be unsafe to have a poorly balanced vehicle.

The right fit: While you may be on a budget and want to save on your moving truck rental, it is more expensive and takes more time if you have to make more than one trip. Your moving truck should be able to accommodate all of your stuff in one trip. Our Elite Truck Rental crew can review your move with you to help you make the best choice of vehicle. Our box trucks have an estimated amount of rooms that they can carry and we can discuss if you should go up a size or not.

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