How to Determine What Size Moving Truck You Need


How to Determine What Size Moving Truck You Need

Moving is an exciting thing. Whatever the reason for your move, a new location and a new home means new opportunities. But getting there can be stressful – there’s a lot of planning and hard work that goes into a successful move. As part of that planning, you’ll need to start thinking about making a moving truck reservation. Before you reserve your truck, though, make sure you’re clear on what size of moving truck you’ll need. Here are some tips to help you make a decision.

How Big Is Your Current Home?

The first thing to think about is the size of your current home. If you are moving the contents of a studio or one-bedroom apartment, then you’ll need a smaller vehicle; on the other hand, if you’re moving the contents of a large home, you’ll need a bigger truck. At Elite Truck Rental, we typically recommend our Econoline vans and 15-foot moving trucks for studios and one-bedrooms; our 16-foot moving trucks for one and two-bedrooms, and our 24-foot moving trucks for three-bedroom homes and bigger. 

How Big Is Your Furniture?

Even if you’re only moving a single room’s worth of items, the size of your furniture can have a big impact on what size truck you need. If you love oversized couches, have a big king bed, and are into large tables, dressers, and side tables, you probably won’t be too happy if you go with a cargo van! If you need to take measurements of your furniture to ensure that it will fit within whatever size vehicle you’re thinking about, do it! The last thing that you want to do is rent the wrong size of vehicle and then be unable to make use of it.

How Far Are You Traveling?

This is a very important question because the distance that you’re traveling may be a deciding factor in whether or not you need to fit everything all in one load or if you can make the move in multiple trips. For example, if your final destination is less than an hour away, it may be worth it to choose a slightly smaller vehicle and then do the move in two trips. On the other hand, if the driving distance is over 50 miles one way, you’ll probably be better off getting a bigger truck and making the drive just once. In situations like this, it’s always better to get something that’s too big rather than too small.

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If you have more questions about the right moving truck for you, please reach out to our team at Elite Truck Rental today. We’re happy to answer your questions and help you to select the right vehicle for your move. Call us today or send us a message online at your convenience to learn more

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