How Small Businesses Can Use and Benefit from Rental Vehicles


How Small Businesses Can Use and Benefit from Rental Vehicles

Entrepreneurs running a small business truly have their plates full! Running a business day to day is challenging and our crew here at Elite Truck Rental can help with some tasks. We keep a fleet of more than 150 vans and trucks that can help you as a small business owner. Since we have many sizes and styles of vehicles, we can help fit a rental to whatever your needs are today.

Here are ways our commercial clients have utilized rentals for their businesses or companies.

Special events: A rental may not be part of your daily work life, but if you have something special coming up, it can be the right fit. Any special occasions require lots of planning and more supplies. If it is an anniversary event, retirement blow-out, new product or service launch or customer or employee appreciation, you can rent a vehicle to gather and transport party supplies where they need to go. Our Econoline vans have just the right amount of room for this type of event.

Improvement projects: If you are working on improving your space at your company, a rental truck can be loaded up with ladders, paint, tape and all of the tools needed to complete the project. Our 15-foot truck has 725 cubic feet of space in the back to allow for packing up everything that you may need all in one trip to the store.

We are honored to serve our communities through our rental services. Check out how our business owners and clients have benefited from renting a van or truck.

Flexibility: A rental is the ultimate in flexibility. There is no need to purchase a vehicle that you will not use consistently at your business. By leasing what you want when you need it, you have the flexibility to concentrate on other more important areas of your company.

Savings: Of course, not having a payment on a vehicle will also help your bottom line! You will not need to budget a vehicle that is not part of your own fleet. And since you will not have to pay for maintenance and oil changes, you will also be saving money in the long run.

On demand: You will be happy to know that we have a reservation guarantee, so you will not have to wait around for your vehicle. It is ready when you are ready. Your rental timeline is also totally up to you. You can keep it for one day, one week or more, if needed.

Business Owners: Contact Us When You Need a Rental

At Elite Truck Rental, you will find our fleet of more than 150 vehicles clean and well-maintained for reliability. We are here to answer your questions and provide feedback on what type or size of vehicle you may need. Reach out to us today through our online form.

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