How a Rental Vehicle Can Help You Relocate Your Business


How a Rental Vehicle Can Help You Relocate Your Business

Relocating your business to a new office can be a great opportunity for growth and development. But physically getting there can be stressful and disruptive to your daily operations. Check out these ideas for a smooth transition to your new space.

  1. Plan ahead: Keep an eye on how you and your employees fit in your current space, so that you are not having to figure out what to do at the last minute. If you notice that there seems to be less elbow room, then it is time to evaluate where you can head to next.
  2. Know your budget and space needs: As you determine that you need to head to somewhere new, then make sure you have a solid budget of what you want to spend in mind as you start surveying what is available on the market. Also, it is best to grasp exactly what your needs are regarding space and room to grow, so that you are not having to move again in a couple of years.
  3. Research locations and options: Check in with employees on what their needs are as well when you are looking into a new spot. They might have great ideas based on their perspective of working with clients or vendors. Also, determine if you will be leasing or renting a space or purchasing a building.
  4. Put plans into place: Once you have found your new place, have a timeline in place, so that you can stay on track to move into your new offices. Work with your team, so everyone knows their role in moving, including packing, purchasing new furniture, changing your business address everywhere and more.
  5. Have your moving truck reserved: A rental vehicle can do the heavy lifting when it comes to moving office furniture and equipment. Our team at Elite Truck Rental has a reservation guarantee. Your rental will be waiting when you arrive to pick it up, and we offer flexible scheduling if you need to keep a vehicle longer for the move. Just connect with a member of our team to discuss your needs.
  6. Be flexible for your move: While we hope things will roll through easily, issues and challenges may pop up and cause a delay in your business’s move. Try to have that in the back of your mind throughout the process. Consider spreading the move out a little to allow time for running your business during the move.
  7. Be open: Communicate with your team to help ease their stress about moving and make sure you inform your key vendors and clients of your moving plans as well. Understand some employees may struggle with the new plans at first.

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