Get in the Know Before Jumping Behind the Wheel


Get in the Know Before Jumping Behind the Wheel

Getting behind the wheel of any new vehicle can be intimidating, especially if it is larger than what you are used to driving. Moving trucks offer an even more unique experience if you do not utilize one for your job. They are longer and larger, and you are situated in a cab that is smaller than the inside of a typical vehicle. Here at Elite Truck Rentals, we have on our lot trucks that are 15 feet long, 16 feet long and 24 feet long and will fit various amounts of your belongings. 

Before you jump in the cab and push on the gas, check out these suggestions to help you navigate your way along.

Know the dimensions: In your personal vehicle, you do not worry about driving under bridges or through a restaurant drive-through. A large box truck is taller and wider, so make sure you take note of the exact dimensions, so you know if you can clear an area easily. Parking can also be a challenge, so work to be in the outer areas of a lot or in the truck sections at a rest stop.

Know the course: Now is not the time to wing it, even with navigation apps! Take a moment the night before you leave to figure out your path and locate any hotels with truck parking if you need to stay somewhere and sleep.

Know the view: As a box truck driver, you will rely on your side-view mirrors as the back blocks your view and causes blind spots. It is especially important to check and recheck before changing lanes on the highways. Also, when you are backing up, have your family member get out and direct you or try to park in areas that you can pull through instead.

Know the distance: If you have driven a pick-up truck, then you know how a larger and heavier vehicle takes more time to stop and speed up. Well, imagine how a box truck is with the weight of all of your belongings in the back. Leave an appropriate amount of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to allow for enough stopping time. Also, understand that accelerating is a slower process. Turning takes more space as well.

Know the parameters: While driving a rented moving truck does not take a special license, it is best to think of them as more of a commercial vehicle than a personal vehicle. They react and feel more like a semi-truck than a pick-up truck. Of course, it is always best to monitor the weather as it affects road conditions, and stay within the speed limit.

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