Five Tips for Traveling With Your Dog in a Rental Vehicle


Five Tips for Traveling With Your Dog in a Rental Vehicle

If your canine is your constant companion and your best friend, you probably don’t want to leave them at home for your next vacation. Luckily, you can bring domestic pets in most rental cars. However, the company levies an extra fee if you leave excessive dog hair or messes in the vehicle.

To have a great journey without worrying about messes or fees, you may want to check out these tips for trips with your pooch.

1. Let the Rental Company Know About Fido

Before arriving at the car rental company with your dog in tow, call ahead and make sure the company accepts pets. Even if a company allows pets, there may be different rules from franchise to franchise, and in some cases, you may be allowed to take pets in only certain vehicles.

2. Ask About Back Grilles

If you rent an SUV or certain models of hatchbacks, the rental company may be able to put in a safety grille for you. The grille keeps your dog in the cargo area and prevents him from getting into the back seats. This makes driving less distracting for you, but it also keeps your dog’s hair and potential messes in the same place.

Some rental companies may be able to put in two grilles so that the luggage is separate from your dog. If you have to stop suddenly, that second grille can protect Fido from a falling mountain of luggage.

3. Consider a Kennel

If the rental company doesn’t have grilles, you may want to put your dog in a kennel or dog carrier on the road. That also protects the interior of the rental car from your pup, and it protects your pup from flying forward in an accident.

If your dog doesn’t enjoy kennels, consider using a harness. This doggy seatbelt attaches to the existing seat belt system in the car. Although many people let their dogs ride loose in a car, that is not safe. You shouldn’t risk your own life by not wearing a seatbelt, and you shouldn’t risk your dog’s either.

4. Bring Seat Protectors

A seat protector helps to minimize dog hair getting onto the rental car’s upholstery, and if you opt for a seat cover with a vinyl, waterproof backing, the cover will give you protection if your dog gets sick or has an accident.

If you don’t already own a seat cover, consider buying a new one. Do a little comparison. If the cover is less than the cost of a cleaning fee, a seat cover may be a smart investment. As an added bonus, you can also use the cover again anytime you need to travel with your pooch.

5. Consider Bringing Water From Home

Strange water while traveling can make some dogs sick, and to avoid that, you may want to bottle up some water from home and give that to your dog to drink. Giving them water they are used to can help to prevent disruption to their digestive system.

6. Use a Lint Remover to Tackle Hair

Finally, before you return the vehicle to our location, you may want to run a lint roller over the seats and the floor. That can pick up the bulk of the hair and save you from any cleaning fees. Alternatively, if you fill up the vehicle with gas before returning it, consider popping a few quarters into a gas station vacuum and using that to get rid of any lingering hairs.

At Elite Truck Rental, we provide rental trucks to help you save money on your long-distance commercial or residential move. If you and your best furry friend are ready to travel, give us a call to talk about rentals today.

April 12, 2017

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