First Time Moving Out Checklist


First Time Moving Out Checklist

When it is finally time to leave your childhood home behind, it can be exhilarating to be heading into your own place, but also overwhelming with a long list of things to do and purchase. Taking it slow and buying essentials first can help you wither down a large list to some key items.

Here we take a look at how to tackle your move into your first place room by room.

Living room/hangout area: The room that you will probably hang out in most is your living room. It should be a comfy place to wind down at the end of the day. Consider what types of furniture will fit into your living room, such as a large couch, small sofa or oversized chairs. When you are planning your move, the size of your larger items will help you determine what size of moving truck you will need to rent. Make sure to take measurements of your big pieces to relay to our team at Elite Truck Rental for guidance on your box truck. Also, don’t forget to transfer your cable service to your new address if you have this service.

Kitchen: Take care of your fragile dishes and cookware by wrapping them carefully and packing them up in moving boxes. If your new place already has a fridge, take time to really clean it out and purchase essential supplies, such as milk, OJ, breakfast food, etc., so that you can enjoy the first morning in your new place after you move in. Depending on your scope of cooking skills, purchase key small appliances, including a coffee maker, microwave, blender and more. If you enjoy entertaining, food will be at the center of your events, so pick up enough dishes and trays to serve your guests.

Bedroom: When you are packing up your room from your parents’ home, it is a great opportunity to really go through your clothes and belongings to decide what to toss out, donate or take with you. When you are packing up, pack up your clothes out of your dresser and keep hanging pieces on hangers if possible for an easier moving process. Again, your bed is a large item, so make sure you have the measurements to know if it will fit in your moving truck rental.

Cleaning supplies: Of course, do not forget to stock up on items to keep your place clean and sparkling. You will need to pick up a vacuum cleaner, mop, broom, toilet brush and cleaner, bleach cleaner, glass cleaner, paper towels, rags, general all-purpose cleaner, dish detergent, sponges and don’t forget to have toilet paper on hand as well.

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