FAQs About Driving a Rental Truck


FAQs About Driving a Rental Truck

Renting a moving truck is often a necessity for big moves. But driving a rental truck isn’t anything like driving a regular car, both because different policies exist and because the truck is much larger and handles differently. Consider these answers to some frequently asked questions we hear about driving a rental truck, and reach out to our professionals today if you have more questions–

Q: How Old Do I Have to Be to Drive a Rental Truck?

A: How old you have to be to drive a rental truck depends on the company you’re renting from. At Elite Truck Rental, we don’t rent our vehicles to minors, and require that all drivers have a valid driver’s license. Please contact us directly to learn more about our policies related to driver age.

Q: What Are Blind Spots and Are They an Issue?

A: One thing that we want all of our renters to know is that when driving a large truck, the blind spots are much larger when compared with a standard passenger car. A blind spot refers to a section behind or to the side of a vehicle that a driver can’t see, even when using their mirrors. The larger the vehicle, the larger the blind spot. As such, it’s very important to check and double-check before changing lanes and performing other maneuvers, as blind-spot collisions do happen.

Q: What Should I Know About Maneuvering and Controlling a Larger Vehicle?

A: In addition to paying attention to blind spots, probably the biggest thing to know about handling a larger vehicle is that these vehicles require more time to do things. For example, if you’re taking a turn, you should slow down – larger vehicles may be at greater risk of tipping over. Another example of this relates to slowing down – larger vehicles will need more time from the moment the brakes are applied to come to a complete stop. As such, it’s important to allow more following distance between yourself and other vehicles on the road, as stopping abruptly may prove impossible. Generally, be aware that you’re in a larger vehicle, have bigger blind spots and a smaller turning radius, and drive cautiously. Also, note that you don’t have a lot of overhead clearance – pay attention to building overhangs and avoid drive-throughs!

Q: Can Someone Else Drive the Truck if It’s in My Name?

A: At Elite Truck Rental, we are more than happy to accommodate adding an additional driver to the policy. Please just let us know what your needs are regarding additional drivers. We also request that the vehicle is insured – talk to us to learn more.

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If you have any questions about driving our moving trucks and safe driving practices, we hope that you’ll ask us! The more you know, the safer we believe you and everyone else on the road will be. To learn more about Elite Truck Rental, to make a truck rental reservation, or to ask a question, contact us online or by phone today.

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