Do You Really Need a Moving Van? 


Do You Really Need a Moving Van? 

When you have a project in mind that you know is likely going to require a larger-than-average vehicle to manage, you may be best served by renting an Econoline moving van. But before you make any decisions about what vehicle is best suited for the project, there are a series of questions you should ask. What’s more, you should call Elite Truck Rental to speak to one of our team members about the different vehicle types we offer and what might be best for you. Reach us today to get started. 

Questions to Ask Yourself About Moving Van Rental

Consider this series of questions to ask yourself when you’re on the fence about whether you need a moving van. 

  • How far are you traveling? The first thing to think about is how far you’re traveling. This is important because even if you have a lot of personal items, not all of which will fit into the moving van in one go, getting the van may be worth it if you’re only traveling a short distance. For shorter distances, making multiple trips may not be a big deal. On the other hand, though, if you’re traveling a long distance, you’ll probably want a vehicle that can fit everything in it all at once so that you don’t have to take multiple trips. 
  • How many items are you moving? Of course, the other big consideration when deciding between a moving van and another vehicle is just a numbers game – how many items do you need to move? If it’s one couch or one dresser, then a cargo van is probably a great option. If it’s three couches and four dressers and two beds, though, you might want a bigger vehicle! Try our 16-foot or 24-foot truck for big moving projects. 
  • Are you moving anything that’s too big for a moving van? Even if you only have a single item to move, you’ll need to consider whether that item will even fit into a cargo van. At Elite Truck Rental, our Econoline vans offer 250 cubic feet of space and 1,000 pounds of load capacity. While that’s pretty roomy for most items, including large pieces of furniture, it might not be enough for particularly large pieces of furniture, such as a large king bed or an oversized couch. 
  • Will you be able to move your items without a moving van? If you’re on the fence about a moving van, it may come down to this simple question: can you move your items without a van. If the answer is no, then make your reservation! 
  • What’s your budget? Finally, consider your budget. If you’re on a budget and trying to save money, you can take comfort in knowing that at Elite Truck Rental, we offer low-cost moving vehicles. That being said, a large truck will still be more expensive than a cargo van, so a cargo van might be the best option for your wallet.

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If you have more questions about moving vans, our policies, and moving van rental costs, please call us directly today. We are here to help you find the right vehicle for your needs!


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