Do Rental Trucks Have Better Gas Mileage Than My Car?


Do Rental Trucks Have Better Gas Mileage Than My Car?

Depending on your own personal vehicle, gas mileage varies and is different when your vehicle or a rental truck is loaded up with belongings, boxes and furniture. While it can be hard to estimate, you can be prepared for fuel costs and find value in why you should rent a moving truck.

How is Gas Mileage Calculated?

A do-it-yourself way to calculate gas mileage is to reset the odometer when filling up the tank. When you are on empty, take that mileage and divide by the amount of gas filled the second time to calculate your gas mileage. The outside temperature, traveling environment, such as road condition, and how long your trip is can all affect the gas mileage as well as your style of driving. Our fleet of vehicles at Elite Truck Rental have a range of tank sizes depending on the truck size. Our Econoline Van and 15-foot box truck both have 35 gallon size gas tanks. These will have different gas mileage though as they have different sized capacities for items in the back and weight load capacity.

Work to Decrease Your Rental’s Gas Mileage

As a driver, you can strive for the best gas mileage in a rental truck by doing your best to maintain a steady speed out on the open road. Unfortunately, the on-and-off the gas drive can really lower the gas mileage with the increase and decrease in speed. If you are comfortable behind the wheel and less anxious, you may be less likely to mess with the gas pedal, so take time before you leave the lot to go over the cab and become familiar with driving your rental vehicle.

Our team is happy to review your move with you and how much stuff you are needing to transport in order to fit you with the correct vehicle and not a larger one that will waste gas and money. We will make sure you go away with the best and smallest vehicle for you. Maintaining the speed limit is another way to save on fuel costs. This is especially important as you will be in an unfamiliar vehicle and need to take your time turning and changing lanes. Knowing where you are going and having your route planned ahead and time will also help. You do not want to get lost and have to backtrack and cover more miles than necessary.

Value of a Moving Truck Rental

The added value of renting a moving truck is not having to worry about the details or putting any wear and tear on your own truck. Our Elite Truck Rental team can work with you on making a reservation, and with our reservation guarantee, you will not have to worry about your vehicle not being ready for you when you come out to pick it up. Reach out to our team through our online contact form.

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