Do Moving Trucks Have to Stop at Weigh Stations?


Do Moving Trucks Have to Stop at Weigh Stations?

When you get behind the wheel of a moving truck rental, you will find yourself in unfamiliar territory – both inside the cab and on the road. Many questions may pop up as you begin your journey to your next adventure in a new place. The rules of the road can be confusing, and here we take a look at one of those questions: What to do about weigh stations?

A weigh station is something that you have seen as you speed along on the interstate and often semi trucks will be pulling in when they are open. The point of a weigh station is to check in on larger vehicles, so that they can be inspected for safety and weight. Weigh stations help keep our interstates safer for all of the thousands of people who pass along them every day. At weigh stations, it can be determined that a truck is not safe for the road.

If you are in a moving truck rental, you are in a larger and heavier vehicle than you are used to, unless you have ever been a semi-truck driver. The rules for stopping at weigh stations vary by state and differ based on what is inside the trucks. Many states require larger trucks to stop at weigh stations if they are carrying commercial goods. If you have personal property in a rental, you may or may not be required to stop at a weigh station. Different states have different requirements. When you are mapping out your route to your new home or apartment with your rental moving truck all loaded up, you should research these requirements beforehand.

For instance, Indiana has in place the requirement that you do stop at weigh stations while in a moving rental. You should make sure to stop at any weigh stations that you come across if they are open for business. Surrounding states Michigan and Kentucky do not require any stops by rentals, while Ohio and Illinois have varying rules depending on the weight of your rental and what you are carrying. Specifically, Illinois only requires the largest truck sizes to stop. Many states require vehicles that weigh more than 10,000 pounds to stop at a station. Typically, this weight is not hit unless the size of your moving truck is more than 15 feet. A 26-foot truck can weigh around 26,000 pounds.

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